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  • LOL !!

    chelsea is the best , most unique talent to come to comedy in a LONG time. she's a self made media mogul , writer of best seller books , star of her own (and one of the best) cable shows on tv (not to mention co-producer) , a network show , a standup superstar....she's a workaholic. she's a young , ultra successful , beautiful , hilariously funny comedienne who has the talent and business smarts to make "chelsea handler" into a rapidly growing successful brand worth millions. if you are middle class , adult , working america.....if you are mature , intelligent (or just common sense smart) and real...then you love chelsea. i love chelsea.

    if you find it hard to understand or relate to adult humor , are closed-minded , are mainstream politically correct....if you are tense and uptight about everything around you that you disagree with , if you are "mr or ms negative" and unable to laugh at yourself , a prude afraid of change or anything different....or if you are intimidated by the success of superstar talented , intelligent real people , or if you are a phony....then you probably won't understand or appreciate the genious of chelsea handler and i am very sorry for you because this lady is fucking awesome !!