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  • We USED to LOVE watching Chelsea....

    My friends and I used to love watching Chelsea. However, since she has decided to use her show as a format for her own political views we now watch Leno or Letterman depending on our personal preferences. Either way, we have all gotten sick of Chelsea. The show is no longer funny to us. She is losing viewers right and left. Pun intended as we as friends don't all share the same political views. We do however share the view that she is misusing her show and no longer find her entertaining. I as a republican enjoyed her show not caring that she was left wing. I liked her and found the show funny. I didn't care that she did not share my political views I watched because she was entertaining. She has gone to far though and now I can't stand to listen to her. Letterman and Leno have the sense not to alienate an entire political party and so I will flip between the two. Oh and yes...still LOVE Craig Ferguson! I know....he's a democrat...but he does not misuse his show and is truly funny.