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  • Season 2
    • Show 29 - Series Finale
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "Georgia On My Mind" and "Sweet Georgia Brown", followed by a monologue in which she reminisces with Ruth about one of her early concert appearances. 2. "Trashy Ladies" -- Cher is featured in a series of comedy sketches based on Mae West and Scarlett O'Hara of "Gone With the Wind." 3. Cher and Glen perform a medley of Glen's greatest hits, including: "By the Time I Get To Phoenix", "Wichita Lineman", "Galveston" and "Gentle On My Mind." 4. Ruth recreates her role as a drunk searching trash cans for a discarded can of beer. 5. A man is accused of stealing sugar in a comedy blackout. 6. The entire cast plays the Flying Garbanzos, a zany group of trapeze artists. 7. "Life With Laverne" -- The ever-popular Laverne (Cher) tries to arrange a blind date for her frumpy friend, Gladys Ormphby (Ruth). 8. Glen sings "Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.)" 9. The entire cast takes part in a wacky television show that combines music, melodrama and comedy. 10. Cher closes the show with a video clip showing one of the bloopers she made during that week's taping.moreless
    • Show 28 - Christmas Episode
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "White Christmas" and "We Need a Little Christmas", followed by a monologue about the holidays. 2. The Hudson Brothers sing "Here Comes Santa Claus" 3. Redd appears as the judge on a case against Saint Nick, who's accused of disturbing the peace on Christmas Eve. 4. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) dreams she gets a visit from the Ghosts of Christmas Past. 5. Redd appears in a comedy segment as a policeman giving Santa Claus directions to Virginia. 6. The Lennon Sisters sing "Jingle Bells" with foreign accents. 7. Redd tells Cher his wishes for everyone during the Christmas holidays. 8. Redd and The Hudson Brothers appear in a spoof of the travelers' checks commercials. 9. The Lennon Sisters sing "Star Carol" 10. Cher sings "Some Children See Him" 11. Elmer the Elf (Redd) describes the gifts for those on Santa's VIP list. 12. Cher is featured in a sketch about a complaint department that's overflowing with unwanted gifts. 13. Everyone takes part in an old-fashioned Christmas Eve ball, featuring lots of yuletide music and dancing. 14. Cher and her guests close the show with "Silent Night."moreless
    • Show 27
      Show 27
      Episode 13
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "An Old Fashioned Love Song" and "I Dig Rock and Roll Music", followed by a monologue based on popular jargon from the '60s. 2. A spoof of the "beach party" movies is featured, with a cast including a couple of motorcycle greasers, an illiterate football player and a Mr. Nice Guy. 3. Pat sings "Magnificent Sanctuary Band" 4. Cher joins Pat for "I Almost Lost My Mind" 5. Regular Gailard Sartain appears as a long-haired, guitar-toting Army draftee named Elvis Presley. 6. Frankie Valli performs a medley of "Swearin' To God" and "My Eyes Adored You." 7. Frankie Avalon sings "One Hell Of a Woman" 8. Cher is cast as a high school teacher with a rowdy bunch of kids. 9. A slow student (Frankie Avalon) appears before his high school principal (Pat). 10. Dion sings "The Wanderer" 11. Cher joins Dion for "Abraham, Martin and John" 12. Cher and her guests highlight the hour with a rock and roll medley. Featured songs include: "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" (Cher), "April Love" (Pat), "Love Letters In the Sand" (Cher and Pat), "Venus" (Avalon), "De De Dinah" (Cher and Avalon), "Let's Hang On To What We've Got" (Valli), "Working My Way Back To You" (Cher and Valli), "Ruby Baby" (Dion), "Runaround Sue" (Cher and Dion), "All I Really Want To Do" (Cher), and "The Beat Goes On" (Cher with Dion, Pat, Avalon and Valli). 13. Cher closes the show, reprising "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" with her guests.moreless
    • Show 26
      Show 26
      Episode 12
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "I Feel a Song Coming On" and "Sing", followed by a monologue where she answers a few ridiculous questions from Jerry. 2. Jerry appears as an unsuspecting movie fan who's trying to watch a disaster film in a theater equipped with a new process called "feel around", which enables the viewer to actually experience everything that happens onscreen. 3. Cher and David perform "The Long and Winding Road" 4. "Trashy Ladies" -- Cher is featured in a series of sketches about Tarzan and Jane, Ma Barker, and Samson and Delilah. 5. Cher and Jerry appear in a cowboy movie as an Indian princess and a Jewish sheriff. 6. David sings "Hold Me Close" 7. Cher and Jerry present a pantomime about two lost souls who meet in the park. 8. Cher sings "Rhinestone Cowboy" 9. Cher closes the show with Jerry and David.moreless
    • Show 25
      Show 25
      Episode 11
      1. Cher opens the show with "When Will I Be Loved?" and a monologue in which she tries to please her critics who feel she should be more refined and dignified. 2. Cher and Tony present a medley of "Silver Dollar" and "More Of Her On the Chair" 3. Cher plays a TV addict who uses the language of commercials in her everyday speech. 4. David sings "Fame" 5. "Saturday Night" -- Cher gets a call that her date can't make it after she has prepared her home-cooked dinner. 6. Cher sings "Song For You" 7. Comedian Steve Martin performs a magic trick with a napkin. 8. Tony appears as a stuffy bank officer having difficulty communicating with a slang-talking Cher. 9. Cher and David perform "Can You Hear Me?" 10. Steve delivers one of his standup comedy routines. 11. Donna Jean Brodine (Cher) pitches the "Jack-omatic" all-purpose kitchen gadget. 12. Cher and David perform a medley of their favorite lines from various hit pop songs such as "Young Americans", "One", "Da Doo Ron Ron", "Only You" and "Young Blood." 13. Cher closes the show, reprising "Young Blood."moreless
    • Show 24
      Show 24
      Episode 10
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "Happy Together" and "Love Will Keep Us Together", followed by a monologue about how exciting it's been working with Ray Charles and Kermit the Frog. 2. Ray performs "Living For the City" 3. Cher joins Ray for "Georgia On My Mind" 4. Kermit appears with a Bicentennial Minute on the role of frogs in American history. 5. Cher and the Muppet Sweetums sing "That Old Black Magic" 6. Kermit and Ray sing "It's Not Easy Being Green" 7. Ray appears as an unconvincing bank robber in this comedy sketch. 8. Cher and the Muppets work together at an auction to raise some much-needed money for a TV station which has been slipping in the ratings. 9. Cher sings "I Am . . . I Said" 10. Kermit and Chastity provide some company for each other in this comedy vignette. 11. Cher and Ray, joined by The Raeletts, perform a medley of "Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma", "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Just For a Thrill", "Hit the Road, Jack" and "What'd I Say?" 12. Cher closes the show, reprising "What'd I Say?" with Ray.moreless
    • Show 23
      Show 23
      Episode 9
      1. Cher opens the show with "Ain't Nobody's Business" and a monologue about how clumsy she truly is. 2. Wayne tries his hand at promoting the new "Mr. Grinds Coffeemaker" 3. Cher performs a medley of "Witchy Woman" and "Honky-Tonk Woman" 4. Wayne sings "Feelings" 5. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) imagines herself hosting her own variety show. Appearing in a format copied from the "Cher" show, she opens her show with a song ("The Lady Is a Tramp"), flashy entrance and comedy monologue, taking questions from the audience. 6. Steve tells Cher that "it's great to be here", until he finds a better place to be. 7. Donna Jean Brodine (Cher) pitches the "Mug-omatic" 8. A mad hypnotist (Steve) terrorizes the patients at a doctor's office. 9. Cher sings "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" 10. The Spinners perform "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love?" 11. Regular Gailard Sartain appears as a TV evangelist, accompanied by his gracious wife (Cher), preaching on his new "Money Works Miracles" program. 12. Cher and Wayne deliver a medley of "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody", "The Birth Of the Blues" and "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You." 13. Cher closes the show, reprising "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" with Wayne and The Spinners.moreless
    • Show 22
      Show 22
      Episode 8
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "Rainy Days and Mondays" and "On the Sunny Side Of the Street", followed by a session of answering questions that have been asked by the studio audience. 2. George sings "The Baby Song" 3. Teri and Martin are cast as interpreters trying to arrange a marriage between a pair of royal figures who have a language barrier. 4. Cher sings "Limehouse Blues" 5. George joins Cher for a sand dance to the tune of "I Ain't Got Nobody" 6. Cher reprises her role as the heartless clerk at a complaint department, where a young couple have come to return their unused wedding rings. 7. The Folly Sisters (Cher and Teri) introduce a salute to the old-fashioned vaudeville revue, featuring a series of punch lines and sketches from that era. 8. Cher thanks her guests and closes the show.moreless
    • Show 21
      Show 21
      Episode 7
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "Stars" and "Keep the Customer Satisfied", followed by a monologue about Halloween. 2. Dick Smothers appears as a chain-gang prisoner being visited by his wife (Cher). 3. Ted tries finding a father at the Big Daddy Foundation. 4. Ted sings "I'm In Love With Barbara Walters" 5. "Saturday Night" -- Cher tells her dog, Tiger, about her date for the evening. 6. "Life With Laverne" -- Anchor man Ted Baxter from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (Ted) appears on Laverne's (Cher's) doorstep. 7. Cher sings "If You Could Read My Mind" 8. Comedian Steve Martin delivers one of his standup comedy routines. 9. "Man vs. Machine" -- Regular Gailard Sartain appears in a skit showing the problems a person could have trying to get a cup of coffee from a vending machine. 10. The Smothers Brothers approach Cher with their idea for a new TV series, a variety show starring Howard Cosell. 11. Tom, Dick and Ted join Cher in the show's finale, a comic look at big-time crime. 12. Cher closes the show.moreless
    • Show 20
      Show 20
      Episode 6
      1. Cher opens the show with "There'll Be Some Changes Made" and a monologue about how bad she is at telling jokes. 2. Anthony sings "Quilp" 3. Cher joins Anthony for "Take a Little Dab Of Hope" 4. Cher appears in a commercial blackout about losing weight. 5. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) gets an interior decorator (Anthony) to help her with a complete makeover of her apartment. 6. Tina performs "River Deep, Mountain High" 7. Ike and Tina perform "Baby, Get It On" 8. Ike impresses Cher with his deep, philosophical thoughts. 9. A nouveau rich couple (Cher and Anthony) learn that their stolen car is being held for ransom. 10. Cher sings "You Turn Me On" 11. Cher and Tina perform "Country Side Of Life" 12. Anthony pitches a record album containing the bottom one hundred songs. 13. Anthony and Tina join Cher for a spirited salute to the old-time revival meetings. Featured songs in the medley include: "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show", "Resurrection Shuffle" and "Saved." 14. Cher closes the show, reprising "Saved" with Tina and Anthony.moreless
    • Show 19
      Show 19
      Episode 5
      1. Cher opens the show with "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and a monologue about some of the letters printed in the TV section of the Sunday newspaper. 2. Mac sings "I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)" 3. Cher offers a glimpse of what a beauty contestant winner is like off-camera. 4. LaBelle sings "Messin' With My Mind" 5. Cher joins LaBelle for "Are You Lonely?" 6. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) is reunited with Larry, her equally tacky brother (played by Don Reo, the show's co-producer). 7. Cher sings "Five Hundred Miles" 8. Cher and Mac perform a medley of popular songs that Davis wrote, including: "Stop and Smell the Roses", "One Hell Of a Woman", "In the Ghetto", "Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me" and "I Believe In Music." 9. Regular Gailard Sartain is featured in a comedy skit about the possible hazards that can occur in an ordinary home. 10. Cher performs a medley of The Rolling Stones' greatest hits, including: "It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)", "Under My Thumb", "It's All Over Now", "Ruby Tuesday" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash." 11. Cher closes the show.moreless
    • Bette Midler, Elton John, And Flip Wilson
    • Show 18
      Show 18
      Episode 4
      1. Cher opens the show with "Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?" and a monologue. 2. Illusionist Mark Wilson and his son, Greg, show Cher and Chastity some magic tricks. 3. The Captain brings along Stupidillo, a three-headed animal (played by The Hudsons). 4. The Hudson Brothers perform "Lonely School Year" 5. "Saturday Night" -- Cher tries to get some pep into her new watchdog. 6. Cher sings "When You Wish Upon a Star" 7. The Captain reenacts his attempt to sell his idea for a children's TV series. 8. Cher and The Hudson Brothers appear as toy soldiers in this comedy sketch. 9. Mark Wilson, aided by Cher, demonstrates more of his great illusions. 10. Cher closes the show.moreless
    • Tony Randall And David Bowie
    • Show 17
      Show 17
      Episode 3
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "Feeling Good" and "I Feel the Earth Move", followed by a monologue about the Family Hour and TV censorship. 2. Cher and Wayne portray two clowns who can't play their wedding ceremony straight. 3. Cher performs "Puppet Man" 4. Nancy is cast as a temporary hotline worker who gives advice to callers with problems. 5. Cher sings "Until It's Time For You To Go" 6. "People In the News" -- Cher and Wayne appear as a pair of scientists who are studying the effects of living underwater on human behavior. 7. Cher, Wayne and Nancy showcase their talents in this sketch about each other. 8. "The Corsican Sisters" -- Cher and Nancy play identical twins who've grown up learning to suffer with each other's aches and pains. 9. Wayne and Nancy join Cher in a musical finale saluting the all-American hamburger. 10. Cher closes the show.moreless
    • Carol Burnett, Gregg Allman, And Dennis Weaver
    • Show 16
      Show 16
      Episode 2
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "Yesterday" and "Crocodile Rock", followed by a monologue about having gone to the doctor for her annual checkup. 2. "Life With Laverne" -- Ed plays a moving man helping Laverne (Cher) get settled into her new apartment. 3. Redd attempts to mail a raw fish through the post office. 4. The Pointer Sisters perform one of their latest recordings. 5. Redd appears as a werewolf who wants to check into a kennel. 6. Redd and The Pointer Sisters are cast as a grieving black family who accuse a funeral director (Ed) of placing the wrong corpse in their father's coffin -- until they find out that the deceased man had left behind a billion dollar empire. 7. Cher performs "Love Song" 8. Ed approaches a TV executive (Cher) with an idea for a new television series, "Let's Make a Deal." 9. Redd appears as the Secretary of State in this blackout on an insurance commercial. 10. Cher is joined by The Pointer Sisters for a musical salute to Elton John. Among the songs featured are: "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting", "Bennie and the Jets", "Daniel", "Rocket Man", "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" and "Take Me To the Pilot." 11. Cher closes the show, reprising "Take Me To the Pilot" with The Pointer Sisters.moreless
    • Show 15
      Show 15
      Episode 1
      1. Cher opens the show with a medley of "Where You Lead" and "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)", followed by a monologue about her summer vacation. 2. "The Recording Session" -- A very demanding record producer (Bill) interrupts Cher and The Muppets while they're trying to cut an album. 3. Tom Smothers sing "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" 4. Bill is cast as a hustler of bargain nose jobs, trying to find his way into Cher's dressing room. 5. Cher sings "Send In the Clowns" 6. The Smothers Brothers perform "Yo-Yo Man" 7. Cher and the Muppet Sweetums sing "Something" 8. "The Pain Game" -- Cher and Tom Smothers portray contestants in a game show where the losers are stiffly penalized. 9. "Shape Up, America" -- The entire cast takes part in the grand finale, a series of comedy vignettes about physical fitness. 10. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Season 1