Cher - Season 1

CBS (ended 1976)


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Episode Guide

  • Show 14
    Show 14
    Episode 14
    1. Cher opens the show with "Great Balls Of Fire" and introduces a video clip her staff put together of questions asked by the studio audience throughout the season. 2. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) tells her old friend Olivia (Teri) her secrets on how she keeps husband Harry happy. 3. The Hudson Brothers perform "Rendezvous" 4. Cher and Art sing "My Blue Heaven" 5. Cher appears as a buxomly stewardess describing her airline's "extras". 6. Chastity makes a cameo appearance in a sketch about a little girl buying a balloon. 7. Art tries getting Cher to laugh during their brief intermission. 8. The Hudson Brothers appear as bill posters trying to put up a sign on the outside of an old theatre. Comedy blackouts include: "Flashback Theatre", in which Art plays the dentist credited with inventing dentures, and "Memories", with Cher appearing as Art's very forgetful wife. 9. Cher performs a medley of "My Sweet Lord" and "Oh, Happy Day" 10. Prosecutor Art gives witness Teri a trying time in the courtroom. 11. Teri attempts to return a shower package to Cher at the complaint department. 12. Cher sings "Hernando's Hideaway" 13. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 13
    Show 13
    Episode 13
    1. Cher opens the show with "For Once In My Life" and a monologue about how many people were packed into her dressing room. 2. "The 24,663.89 Pyramid" -- Carol appears as a nervous game show contestant who gets little help from her starlet partner (Cher). 3. Dennis sings "Prairie Dog Blues" 4. Cher joins Gregg for a duet of "Don't Mess Up a Good Thing." 5. Cher and Carol impersonate each other during a brief intermission. 6. "Saturday Night" -- Cher tells about a masquerade party she attended. 7. Cher performs "Geronimo's Cadillac" 8. Gregg sings "Midnight Rider" as Cher dances in the background. 9. A turn-of-the-century barrister (Dennis) reports a double murder to detective Shirley Holmes (Cher) and her assistant, Dr. Wanda (Carol). 10. Cher and Carol are featured in a musical salute tracing the lives of two rival leading ladies of the silver screen. Songs include: "I'm Following You", "The G.I. Jive" and "Lonely At the Top." 11. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 12
    Show 12
    Episode 12
    1. Cher opens the show with "Where You Lead" and a monologue about how she hates getting up early for rehearsals. 2. Art signs "Bridge Over Troubled Water", with Jimmy accompanying him on the piano. 3. McLean is cast as a married mouse whose flirtatious ways with a sexy waitress (Charo) anger his sweetheart (Cher). 4. Cher joins Art and Jimmy for a medley of "All I Know" and "Up, Up and Away" 5. Cher is cast as a hobo with daughter Chastity as her sidekick. 6. Cher and Chastity sing "You Are So Beautiful" 7. Cher appears as Charo's swinging kid sister in this comedy segment. 8. Charo performs "Malaguena" 9. Cher appears as McLean's luckless wife. 10. Cher and Charo perform "America" from "West Side Story." 11. Cher closes the show, reprising "America" with Charo and McLean.moreless
  • Show 11
    Show 11
    Episode 11
    1. Cher opens the show with "All I Really Want To Do" and introduces daughter Chastity to the studio audience, who demonstrates how she would open her own show. 2. "Relationships" -- Cher and Kate introduce a series of comedy sketches based on the parent-child and husband-wife relationships. In blackouts, Cher appears as a bored bird who wants to leave mama Kate's next, and Tim and Cher are cast as Dr. Frankenstein and his monster-wife. 3. The Ike and Tina Turner Revue performs "Nutbush City Limits" 4. Cher joins Tina for "Shame, Shame, Shame" 5. Kate sings "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" 6. Cher and Tim play two married servants who constantly bicker on the job. 7. Cher is joined by Tina, Kate and Tim for a musical salute to The Beatles. Featured songs in the medley include: "Help", "With a Little Help From My Friends", "All You Need Is Love", "Day Tripper", "Yellow Submarine", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Here Comes the Sun", "Let It Be", "We Can Work It Out", "When I'm Sixty-Four", "Eleanor Rigby" and "Hey Jude." 8. Cher and her guests close the show, reprising "Hey Jude"moreless
  • Show 10
    Show 10
    Episode 10
    1. Cher opens the show with "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" and a monologue about old wives' tales. 2. "The Trouble With Men" -- Cher and Nancy introduce a series of blackouts taking a comical look at men, in which Wanda the Fat Lady (Nancy) reveals some of her uneventful dates, Cher plays a wisecracking nurse checking on one of her patients, and Cher and Nancy describe the methods they used to get rid of their unloving husbands. 3. Donna Jean Brodine (Cher) promotes a kit that will transform its owners into comedians. 4. Cher sings "Sunshine On My Shoulders" 5. "Life With Laverne" -- Having been informed by Liberace's butler (regular Jack Harrell) that she's missed the tour of the flamboyant showman's real-life home, Laverne (Cher) is personally escorted by Liberace himself. 6. Liberace plays "The Way We Were" on his piano. 7. Cher and Nancy portray the principal and nutritionist of the Lizzie Borden High School. 8. Linda sings "When Will I Be Loved?" 9. Cher and Linda perform a medley of "Drift Away" and "Rip It Up" 10. Cher closes the show, reprising "Rip It Up" with Linda.moreless
  • Show 9
    Show 9
    Episode 9
    1. Cher opens the show with "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" and a monologue about her plans for a Hawaiian vacation with daughter Chastity. 2. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) is visited by her pushy mother-in-law (Jean). 3. Kris and Rita perform "Late Again Gettin' Over You" 4. "Girls" -- Cher and Jean introduce a series of sketches about how woman are superior to men. In comedy blackouts, Cher plays poker with Kris, using household items for stakes; and Cher and Jean appear as two women drivers who crash into each other and don't know how to go about reporting the accident. 5. "Saturday Night" -- Cher tells about her reunion with an old high school crush. 6. Cher sings "Many Rivers To Cross" 7. Jean portrays a tipsy TV chef trying to explain how to prepare a turkey. 8. Kris and Rita join Cher for a medley of classic country hits, including: "Oh, Lonesome Me", "Help Me Make It Through the Night" and "Okie From Muskogee." 9. Cher performs a medley of Jamaican reggae songs, including: "Boogie On, Reggae Woman" and "Stir It Up." 10. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 8
    Show 8
    Episode 8
    1. Cher opens the show with "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and a monologue about how her producer and guests have been trying to fatten her up. 2. "Attitude" -- Cher and Redd introduce a series of comedy sketches about attitude, in which Redd is cast as a sneaky bookie at a police station and a dissatisfied customer trying to return a pair of pants to a stuffy clerk in the complaint department (Cher). 3. "Life With Laverne" -- Ted appears as a tightwad who runs into Laverne (Cher) while looking for a bargain cup of coffee. 4. Cher and Ted appear in a short comedy blackout during this brief intermission. 5. Redd is cast as a drunk speaking on the merits of milk. 6. "Saturday Night" -- Cher returns home after a long evening out and faces the reality that she doesn't remember a thing about her date. 7. Cher sings "Never-Never Land" 8. A leading financial adviser (Redd) makes a sales pitch for Soul Savings and Loan. 9. Two despondent screenwriters (Redd and Ted) work together on their suicide notes. 10. LaBelle sings "Lady Marmalade" 11. Cher joins LaBelle for "What Can I Do For You?" 12. Cher closes the show, reprising "Lady Marmalade" with LaBelle.moreless
  • Show 7
    Show 7
    Episode 7
    1. Cher opens the show with "You're No Good" and a monologue about some of the letters she's received about the show. 2. Marty is cast as a door-to-door salesman in this short comedy sketch. 3. Cher teams up with Teri "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" 4. Teri is featured as the wife of the Lone Ranger (Marty). 5. Cher performs a medley of "Half Breed", "Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves" and "Dark Lady." 6. Jimmie appears in a blackout of the popular margarine commercial. 7. Cher plays a school principal confronting troublemaker Jimmie. 8. "Saturday Night" -- Cher delivers a monologue about a dateless Saturday night. 9. Cher sings "My Love" 10. "The Flying Garbanzos" -- A dysfunctional family of trapeze artists (Cher, Marty and Teri) are questioned by a police officer (Jimmie) investigating the untimely death of Hilda the human cannonball. 11. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 6
    Show 6
    Episode 6
    1. Cher opens the show with "Friends" and a monologue with Lily about having just quit smoking. 2. Ernestine the switchboard operator (Lily) dials up Cher to find out the truth about all of the wild stories published in the movie magazines. 3. Janet Jackson reveals to Cher what it's like growing up in the Jackson household. 4. The Jacksons perform "I Am Love" 5. Lily appears in a comedy sketch as David's eager blind date. 6. Cher sings "Since I Fell For You" 7. Cher and The Jacksons invent the commercial on a deserted island. 8. Pitchwoman Donna Jean Brodine (Cher) demonstrates the miraculous new "Wondr-bat." 9. The Jacksons sing "The World Was a Mess", introducing a segment in which Cher, Lily and David portray the confused first inhabitants in the Garden Of Eden. 10. Lily annoys a married couple (Cher and David) waiting on the corner for a bus. 11. Cher recites Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" to an animated sequence. 12. Cher joins The Jacksons for a medley of The Jacksons' greatest hits, including: "I Want You Back", "I'll Be There", "Never Can Say Goodbye", "The Love You Save" and "Dancing Machine." 13. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 5
    Show 5
    Episode 5
    1. Cher opens the show with "When You're Smiling" and a monologue in which she compares her TV show with a new baby. 2. Cher and Freddie camp it up in a song-and-dance routine. 3. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) is reunited with Olivia (Teri), her old friend from the launderette. 4. Mable the Fable Lady (Cher) interviews a present-day Cinderella and Prince Charming (Teri and Freddie). 5. The Pointer Sisters sing "Live Your Life Before You Die" 6. Cher appears as a clown in this comedy vignette about unhappiness. 7. "Girls" -- Cher and The Pointer Sisters introduce a series of comedy sketches about how woman are superior to men. In blackouts, Freddie plays Cher's ever-lying husband who promises he'll never lie again and a dissatisfied customer trying to exchange an electric blanket at the complaint department. 8. "Saturday Night" -- Cher describes another date with a "loser." 9. Cher sings "How Long Has This Been Going On?" 10. Cher and The Pointer Sisters perform a medley of songs from the swing era, including: "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "On the Sunny Side Of the Street", "Well, All Right", "I've Got a Gal In Kalamazoo" and "Opus One." 11. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 4
    Show 4
    Episode 4
    1. Cher opens the show with "By Myself" and a monologue about being clumsy off-camera. 2. Cher sings and tap dances to "Do a Take" with Jack and Cloris. 3. Cloris recites a Shakespeare-like soliloquy, with simultaneous jive translations by Cher. 4. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) takes her car in for its 300,000-mile checkup and gets waited on by "Chico and the Man's" Ed Brown (Jack). 5. Cher performs a medley of "I've Got the Music In Me" and "Listen To the Music" 6. Jack and Cloris appear as man and wife in this blackout on Geritol commercials. 7. Cloris plays a wealthy eccentric whose annual dinner parties for former suitors are always unattended, with Jack cast as her butler who must cater to her every whim. 8. "Saturday Night" -- Cher tells about dating a Gemini with a split personality. 9. Cher sings "Am I Blue?" 10. Jack sings "The Man In My Little Girl's Life" 11. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 3
    Show 3
    Episode 3
    1. Cher opens the show with "Got To Get You Into My Life" and a monologue in which she hopes to gain favor with the Nielson families. 2. The Osmond Brothers sing "I'm Still Gonna Need You" 3. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) gets a surprise visit from her equally tacky mother (Nancy), who's wanting to borrow Laverne's mink coat to wear to the drag races. 4. Cher sings "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" as Jerry pantomimes a clown. 5. Jerry tries to get Cher to laugh during this brief commercial break. 6. "Law and Order" -- The Osmond Brothers introduce a series of comedy sketches about crime prevention, in which a police sergeant (Jerry) receives a tongue-twisting theft report from Cher, and Jerry appears as Scarface, the criminal son of domineering Nancy. 7. Cher sings "Ain't Nobody's Business" 8. Sleeping Beauty (Nancy) wakes up for an interview with Mable the Fable Lady (Cher). 9. The Osmonds join Cher for a medley of Stevie Wonder's greatest hits, including: "You Are the Sunshine Of My Life", "Higher Ground", "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", "Superstition" and "For Once In My Life." 10. Cher thanks her guests and closes the show.moreless
  • Show 2
    Show 2
    Episode 2
    1. Tatum impersonates Cher at the start of the show, singing "Let Me Entertain You" 2. Cher opens the show with "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" and a monologue about bugle beads. 3. "Girls" -- Cher and Tatum introduce a series of sketches about how women are superior to men. In comedy blackouts, a dissatisfied customer (Wayne) attempts to return a broken toaster to the hardhearted clerk working at the complaint department (Cher), and Tatum discusses divorce with her attorney (Wayne). 4. Cher and Wayne sing "Let Me Be There" 5. Tatum appears in a takeoff on the Catherine Deneuve commercials. 6. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) gets into a verbal battle with Raquel. 7. Cher appears during a brief commercial blackout singing "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" 8. Pitchwoman Donna Jean Brodine (Cher) promotes a new glue product called "Stick-It." 9. Cher performs a medley of "Long Train Runnin'" and "Love the One You're With" 10. Cher and Wayne are cast as the newly-married Sigmund Freuds on their wedding night. 11. Raquel joins Cher for a duet of "I'm a Woman" 12. "Saturday Night" -- Cher describes her disappointing date with a nineteen-year-old. 13. Cher and her guests are featured in a song and tap dancing finale to the tune of "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails" 14. Cher closes the show.moreless
  • Show 1 - Special Premiere
    1. Cher opens the show with "Let Me Entertain You" and a monologue about being thrilled to be back on TV. 2. Elton performs "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" 3. "Life With Laverne" -- Laverne (Cher) runs into old friend Geraldine Jones (Flip) at their high school class reunion. 4. Cher sings "All In Love Is Fair" 5. Pitchwoman Donna Jean Brodine (Cher) demonstrates the "brick-omatic", a device used for smashing everything from watches to photographs. 6. "Trashy Ladies" -- Cher and Bette camp it up in a medley of songs that were written about trashy ladies with shady pasts, including: "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate", "Tangerine", "Lulu's Back In Town", "Put the Blame On Mame", "Minnie the Moocher", "Rose Of Washington Square" and "Sweet Georgia Brown." 7. Cher appears during a brief commercial blackout singing "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" 8. "Saturday Night" -- Cher returns home after an evening out with a loser and delivers a monologue about her life as a single. 9. Cher and Elton perform "Bennie and the Jets" 10. Cher and her guests imagine how their lives will be fifty years in the future, where they are living at the Final Curtain Rest Home For Aged Performers. 11. Cher, Bette, Elton and Flip perform a medley of "Mockingbird", "Proud Mary", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Never Can Say Goodbye." 12. Cher closes the show.moreless