Season 1 Episode 9

Rendezvous at Red Rock

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Feb 21, 1956 on ABC

Episode Recap

Pat Keogh (Gerald Mohr) rescues Cheyenne from the group of vigilantes who have found him beside a body of a man. Cheyenne had heard the gunshot and found the man lying dead, but the vigilantes don't believe him. However, Keogh is watching the road from a vantage point and shoots warning rifle shots, forcing the vigilantes to release Cheyenne and ride away. Cheyenne meets Keogh and, after an impromptu shooting competition when it is established they are equally fast and skilled, they ride off together towards the town of Red Rock. Keogh and two accomplices are planning to rob the bank, but in a slightly different way from usual. Keogh and Cheyenne share a hotel room (hotel must have been full!) and he offers to cut Cheyenne in on the deal. Cheyenne is again caught by the group of men, who run the town, and he meets a US Marshal he knows who is trailing Keogh and his gang. The marshall persuades Cheyenne to bring Keogh to justice. In the bar, Keogh kills a young man who is courting the girl Keogh has taken out for the night, but the boy has drawn first, despite Keogh goading him into doing it. The next morning Keogh and the gang carry out the robbery. Keogh's man abducts the bank manager's wife and holds his daughter hostage. Keogh and Cheyenne keep the girl there while the bank manager gets $50,000 from his own bank to pay the hostage money. When he returns the marshal shoots Keogh's man but Keogh shoots and kills the marshal and Cheyenne and Keogh make their escape. Keogh has told his other accomplice to kill the bank manager's wife if they haven't returned by 5 p.m. Keogh stops at a waterhole and Cheyenne draws on him in an attempt to force him to say where he's holding the woman. Cheyenne fires on Keogh, first hitting his hat, then grazing his ear. Keogh forces Cheyenne to holster his gun before telling him that the woman has been released. Keogh, realising Cheyenne is on the side of the law, challenges him to a duel but Cheyenne outdraws him and Keogh falls, mortally wounded. Cheyenne returns the body to the bank manager and rides off.

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