Season 1 Episode 6

Almost Famous

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jul 05, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • The worst episode to date.

    The theme of this episode seemed to be, "If you want to have input on your career, do not hire a management team to get you MTV ready."

    It was painful to watch Cheyenne cry and complain on her brand, spanking, new tourbus about how it isn't fair that her fugly, dreadlocked boyfriend only gets a cameo in her video. I mean, like, it's, like, my video and, like, I should have, like, more say in what goes into it.

    Cheyenne, come on. "Your" video is not just yours. It is more the work of a bunch of dudes who are telling you what you want to be. Moreover, this is video. Do you really want that ugly "boyfriend" of yours to be in this. I mean, after all, it lasts forever.

    Another jab at this episode, all we saw was a collage of this month-long radio tour. I would have rather seen how she performed being interviewed on the radio and how she played in front of the students a little more. That part of the show could have been spread out more.

    I feel like I should end on a positive note despite the fact that this episode was awful. How cool was that tourbus? It was very cool. A huge plasma (or LCD) television in the main compartment and individual DVD players above their bunk beds.
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