Season 1 Episode 5

Almost Vacation

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 28, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Cheyenne, do you expect to be able to have fun in Las Vegas?

    This episode's theme is "Stalkers and Under 21-agers."

    The episode begins on a high note where we see Cheyenne and family in Las Vegas and I'm sure that Cheyenne has it in her head about how much fun she is going to have going out to clubs and going downstairs to the casinos and so on.

    Well, sorry, dear but you're only 15. Leave the fun for the grownups. I don't feel sorry for you for one second. We were all 15 once and we all had to wait to do "adult" things. What I don't get is that even at that age, she still could have walked around the perimeter of the casinos or walked outside and during the day, she could have went out the pool to hang out. I'm just saying that she had options.

    Now, let me quickly address Cheyenne's seemingly stalker guy. So, this random guy asks her a question after she performs in his classroom and then gets the cajones to go up and talk to her and then he weasels his way into a date on a sleigh ride. Uhhhh....okay, guy. Moving a little fast here? What did you think would happen? That Cheyenne would suddenly wisk you away on a magic carpet ride?
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