Season 1 Episode 2

Manifest Destiny

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 07, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Cheyenne sings at the Roxxy and receives the offer of a lifetime.

    This episode is more or less a continuation of the pilot episode.

    The show begins where we saw the last episode ended--the curtain is opening and Cheyenne prepares to play her first gig in a major Los Angeles club, the Roxxy. The audience, presumably filled with Cheyenne's fan clubs, cheered Cheyenne on and I was actually pulling for her--I wanted to see her perform well. Of course she performed well and left the club high on adrenaline.

    The next day we hear that Cheyenne and her family have an opportunity to move to Los Angeles but that they must do it immediately because she has to prepare for her upcoming tour.

    So, Cheyenne, her mom and her wrestler dad (ponytail and all--will he ever cut that darn thing), to sum up the boring conversation decide to (shockingly, not) pick up and move to LA!

    Then, Cheyenne obviously (said very sarcastically) has to break up with her skater boyfriend and wants to do so with the hopes that they remain friends. Come on, Cheyenne, what guy wants to be friends with a girl after they break up? The answer--no one. No guy wants to see another guy with an ex-girlfriend.

    Finally, there's a big going away party with all of Cheyenne's friends and family where Cheyenne meets another boy. As she said herself, "So much for forgetting about boys." Now, she's done what she did not want to do--she's tied down to someone in Texas.