Season 1 Episode 1

Meet Cheyenne

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM May 31, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • The show is a poor man's version of The Ashley Simpson Show.

    In the pilot episode of "Cheyenne," we see some random 15-year-old, blonde, singer/guitar player on the verge of making it big in the world of music. Do we care? Not yet. Probably never.

    Cheyenne is just another whiny, teenage musician who thinks that she can make it big in the music business by looking cute. *cough* Ashlee Simpson *cough*. Her mom is clearly one of those overbearing child star mom's who will likely have her daughter seek emancipation at age 16. Her dad looks like he belongs in either the WWE or working in a West Coast Choppers, ponytail and all.

    Moving on to the episode itself--for the first five minutes, we are shown flashbacks of Cheyenne making a name for herself as a young girl. Then, fast-forward to the current day, we see Cheyenne getting ready to celebrate her 15th birthday all the while complaining about how hard her life is. COME ON, CHEYENNE!! You are a rock star or at least a wanna be rock star. How bad can life be?

    The episode ends with a ridiculous cliff-hanger in which the curtain starts to open while a very-nervous Cheyenne prepares to play a live show in the Roxy.

    The big question is--will she fall flat? Something tells me, no. Would there be a show about it if she did? Now that would deserve a higher rating.