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  • Clone of the Ashlee Simpson Show.

    I mean come on, MTV, this show is an exact clone of the Ashlee Simpson Show that aired for two "seasons." Yes, I put seasons in quotes because each "season" was like eight episodes long. Well, the first "season" of Cheyenne was just as long, if not shorter. The only thing separating Ashlee and Cheyenne is that Cheyenne has talent and can play an instrument. Other than that, they are both young, blonde, musically inclined and, most importantly, have bossy parents who seemingly control their lives.

    The big question that remains for MTV--will anyone, I repeat anyone, purchase Cheyenne's album?
  • It's the same as what Ashlee simson did but Cheyenne did it better!

    Cheyenne put more efort into both her music and the tv show. she let us in her world and let us see what it takes to be in the music biz. she showed the hard times and the good times and she diden't even break a sweat. I never would have guessed that a 16 year old girl could have that much will power into her work. most girls only have to worry about the hair, makeup,clothes, nails ect but she has to worry about paparazzi, crazy fans, home life and school. I don't think I could ever do what she is doing right now.
  • Nobody knows I watch this until now! lol Good show.

    Okay I am getting hooked on this show. I love her dad, he cracks me up. When he hears that they are moving to LA and he comes back into the kitchen with the moving boxes and was like it's about time! Great stuff. She actually has a good voice and I like that she writes and can play the guitar. Unlike other youngsters out! I usually watch it on the weekends when they show more episodes at once. It will be nice to follow her and see how she develops as an artist and being only 15. That has to be alot of stress for her to be away from her friends and making her dreams come true. But I suppose there usually is a price to pay for what you want.
  • Can You Say The Ashlee Simpson Show?

    This show is like a off-brand version of The Ashlee Simpson Show. Cheyenne's mom even seems to be a bit like Tina Simpson. I wonder if they did this seris to feel the void of The Ashlee Simpson Show. Cheyenne is a singer who won America's Most Talented Kid. I do think Cheyenne's first single "Hanging On" is a good song but lets hope the show does not HANG ON for another season. I probally will watch it because it comes on after The Hills and nothing else is on because it is summer. I know MTV can not have a hit every time but lets hope there next reality show is original.
  • This will be a trendsetter!

    I think Cheyenne will be THE new MTV Show this summer, along with The Hills. Cheyenne Kimball is a beautiful girl with a voice, but many teens will also be able to relate. This show can only and will boost her popularity and help the sale of her album when it comes out!! I would absolutely, positively love to see her do a gig, or see her in concert. Everyone who is anyone will be watching the show by the end of the forst season, and hopefully it will go on in to a second season. Wednesday nights are THE nights to watch MTV.
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