Season 1 Episode 3

You'll Never Guess Where I'm Texting You From

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 14, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • More than I expected from this series.

    Well, this third episode of "Cheyenne" started out boring and, to my surprise, ended on a high note with me actually cheering for this girl.

    The episode started out with the family packing up their house and then leaving for a road trip from Texas to Los Angeles, California. We are led to believe that all we're going to see is Cheyenne, her mom and wrestler dad taking pictures and acting stupid as they make the 2000+ mile journey to Los Angeles. Interesting? No.

    Then, Cheyenne's mom gets a call that her song that was on the "Aquamarine" soundtrack was just realized so, the family stops at some music store in some mid-western state to pick up the soundtrack. When Cheyenne finally found the CD at the store, I was actually touched and I actually smiled! Kudos to the producers for finally making the audience be on Cheyenne's side.

    Next, my guess is that the producers realized that in order to further spice up this trip they figured that it would be cool to force Cheyenne (via her mom's urging and telling her that if Cheyenne does not sing that she will lose her cell phone privileges for a month) to sing at some open mic night in the middle of Arizona.

    It started off poorly. About three strums into her first song, Cheyenne broke a string on her guitar and it looked as if the audience was lost. Commercial break.

    Cheyenne grabs a new guitar (rather, is given a new guitar by her WWE father) and sings her set and the audience loves her. Again, I have to say that I was pulling for Cheyenne and even enjoying her musical talent.

    The episode ends with the Kimball family in LA in some crappy motel. The search for a house begins.