Chicago Fire

Season 1 Episode 19

A Coffin That Small

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 27, 2013 on NBC

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  • Coffin

    2 words, BEAUTIFUL ENDING!
  • Unprepared

    Like many who have already posted here, I was totally unprepared for the wave of emotion that came over me at the conclusion of Episode 19. I have saved it permanently on my DVR and will keep it forever. It is proof that TV is a mirror of our lives as human beings, and in some cases, as parents. NO parent wants to bury a child, no matter what circumstance, but that firehouse helped that grieving family by paying tribute to a young life with so much promise. Kudos to Dick Wolf, NBC, and the entire cast and crew of Chicago Fire. May God bless you all!
  • More tears

    This episode just about destroyed me, especially at the end, with the fire fighter's tribute to that little boy. This series keeps getting better and better. It's no "Third Watch", but according to friends who are fire fighters and paramedics, it's pretty realistic. I could do without some of the soapier aspects of it, though. There's enough drama in the day to day life of a fire fighter/paramedic in a large city without adding some of those extraneous elements.
  • In Tears

    This episode had me crying, so sad. Chicago Fire has come a long way since its generic pilot.