Chicago Fire

Season 1 Episode 24

A Hell of a Ride

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 22, 2013 on NBC

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  • A bit surprised

    I was surprised they didn't make the prison crisis a season finale cliffhanger. Instead, we are treated to "personal relationship" cliffhanger, namely Severide and Renee, and Casey and Dawson. I was also surprised they didn't somehow, somewhere bring back the other Renee, Severide's former fiancee. Despite what she did, I found her likeable, and I thought she and Severide had some chemistry.
  • Spoilers included watch epi before reading

    How Mills reacted to not getting on squad was immature to me. He gets rejected so he goes an applies to join the police force! Come on what a baby lol. He's been a firefighter for a few months and expects to join squad so easy. Anyways it will be interesting to see where his story goes in season 2. Also I never really liked Mills and Dawson for each other but I'm kind of bias because I would like to see Casey and Dawson get it on hehe. To Severide -Renee coming back at that exact time and being pregnant was so predictable. Glad things worked out with Herman and family I love his character. Based on how season 1 ended it opens interesting story lines for season 2. I really hope the show's team gets it right. Cheers to season 2!
  • Chicago Fire.

    Not the season finale i that it was going to be, but i enjoyed it just the same. Not happy endings for everyone, Casey, i really felt bad for but at least Dawson was there at the end to try & help him go through with his loss. At least everything worked out for Herman & his family with their new baby boy & speaking of babies, Renee comes back pregnant with Severide's baby (Doesn't Anyone Use Condoms, Really). Sarah Shahi inbetween roles & networks. The look on's Shay's face speaks volumes. Loved The Finale, Thumbs Up NBC, Great Cast & Have a Great Break, See You For Season - 2.
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