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Chicago Fire

Season 2 Episode 1

A Problem House

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on NBC

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  • Chicago Fire.

    Chief Boden has a meeting at HQ and has a run in so to speak with a high ranking consultant named Gail McLeod who is making Budget Cuts and according to her is going to close 3 fire houses, which puts fire house 51 under scrutiny. Meanwhile fire house 51 has two new recruits Spellman and Clark and Dawson gets together with Casey and tells him basically they will always be very close friends and nothing more, nothing less. One thing I don't know is who is targeting Severide, with two fires and his car being set on fire deliberately and Clark finds evidence of a homemade fire accelerant from Severide's car and at one of the other fires, so we have an arsonist. Lieutenant Clark is very interesting, I don't know much about him but towards the end Gail McLeod has a meeting with him and apparently she pushed to have Clark stationed at 51 and now is asking Clark if he in not so many words would spy for her and report to her once a week. (of course that comes across as being more than shady McLeod). After Mouch' girlfriend leaves to go back to Japan she tells him that he is bound for greatness (she seems very nice Mari). So Mouch announces at the end that he is going to run for Union President. As for Heather, I saw that coming a mile away when she was drinking with her friends earlier. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up. Great to have it back.
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