Chicago Fire

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on NBC

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  • that wasn't the season finale...

    @Dec1964 -- that wasn't the season finale it still lists another eppy airing Apr. 24th titled "Retaliation Hit" (eppy 21) anyway something tells me that cop is gonna go after Casey too, I mean the guy that helped take Foyt down is now dead so that doesn't look too good :s as for Hallie & Casey I like him better will Dawson who clearly loves him NOT not saying she doesn't have real feelings for Mills but not to the same degree as the feelings she has for Casey & Casey in turn has feelings for her. So I really hope he doesn't get back with Hallie, altho I heard that she was gonna come back & fight for him, that her time away made her think about what's important & it made her change her priorties I believe it way she's no good for him, the fact that they've broken up a few times already should tell him that, lol as for that Tara girl, what the hell is her issue, why'd she go after Severide, unless it has something to do with that mutual friend of theirs, like maybe he really messed with her & this is their revenge, even tho it's pretty messed up & extreme but who knows cause clearly she does NOT have what it takes to be a paramedic so I don't get why she was even there & she sought him out not the other way around. If I'm not mistaken when they made the bet he said @ first it was for money & SHE said how about we make it for drinks or something along those lines, so the drinks were HER idea not his & you could tell she purposely missed that shot. I feel bad for the poor guy but hopefully he gets out of it & they prove she's a liar and out to get him