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Tara Littland Severide situtaion . . .(spoiler if you haven't seen Leaders Lead)

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    [1]May 9, 2013
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    Yeah!! The Severide / Little situtation is over and in Severide's favor. I just wish the writers had let the scenes with him getting her last longer. I mean they let her put him through the ringer (AND US) over several episodes and . . . well, instead of Severide having his "way" with her over in say 60 seconds, I wish it lasted lots longer. I'd like to have seen her squirm as much as she made both of the guys squirm.

    Hey! To get a discussion going . . . How would you have wanted the writers to write the Severide fixing the Tara problem in order to make it last at least a bit (if not say a good bit) longer.

    Honestly, I'd provide mine, but don't have it - yet. I'm tired and about ready to go to bed, but wanted to get this written before bed. Otherwise it would be a good while before I'd do it (if at all).

    Tate care!

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    the writers really need new source material cos this straight out of a lame stupid soap opera...

    these subplots have been done so often the end is pretty clear to those who pay attention.

    so imo it was bound to happen to a 'playa' but it went on about the right length bringing the fire fighters closer and better off well with the exception of casey.

    they could of shown a bit more but that would of affected the other scenes so as far i'm concerned it was done right.

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