Chicago Fire

Season 1 Episode 11

God Has Spoken

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 2013 on NBC

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  • Disppointed in Chicago

    Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the wish they could have left us hanging for a bit about Shay and let Dawson stay home at least a day to recuperate.

    Then there's Dawson banging whatshisname...

    Dawson has had a thing for Casey for looooong time right? I thought one of the reasons that that she was so into Casey is because he is a stand up guy and and yet as soon as he breaks up with his FIANCE` of fours years that he LIVED with she expects him to be ready to move on and make out???!!!

    Really?! She couldn't give Casey a little bit of time to get over Hanna before expecting him to want to jump her bones on the first date but she could bang that mama's boy quicker than you can say Jack the Ripper???

    I wish Dawson had stayed home to she regained her common sense because obviously it's missing.

  • And it builds

    over the years I have seen many program start very rocky. And these have turned into screamers. Lost was just one, then along came greys Anatony, it was terrible and now look at it This episode is still building the people up as to who they are , so it needs time. I watched and enjoed everybit of this episode tonight and I am enjoying it, and I cant wait to see where the writers and producers take it
  • 4.0
    I've been able to ignore most of the negative comments towards this show because, for the most part, I've enjoyed it. But tonight's episode (for me at least) was by far the worst of the season. It started out great picking up with Shay and Dawson getting hit in the ambulance it went completely in the crapper from there. I think they tried to throw in way too many storylines and it just didn't mesh.

    Not to mention how quickly Dawson would be put back on duty after being injured. Granted she wasn't hospital bound like Shay but seriously, not even a day off to recuperate? Then you have Severide who has been popping pills all season but someone only notices he's high today? Just today, no other time?

    All around not impressed .