Chicago Fire

Season 1 Episode 22

Leaders Lead

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 08, 2013 on NBC

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  • Mills comforting Casey...

    Weren't Darden, Severide and Casey best friends? I know Severide and Casey had a lot of stuff going on between them, but I kinda thought they sorted their problems with eachother. I miss Severide-Casey interaction (though we never got it in the first place).

    I would have loved for Severide to be there for Casey, still hoping for the next episode ^^

    As for the episode, it was okay. Kinda puzzled together storylines a bit but nice to watch. Love the show anyways.
  • is she dead? ? i hate slightly ambiguous fade outs..

    true crying and mopping on the doctor looks like she died and we never saw life but he could also be crying and screaming with happiness..

    another show recently did that.. i forget which..

    seems a waste and rather lame plot device bring the love interest back to kill them so the dude then has to get in to more stupid drama with people who have way too much could be something non related to voight why else go work with him ? a strange development but predictable.

    other stuff was kinda standard fair nothing really shining orstanding out other than a bit of bromancing and boden and severide clearing the air good ol harman too :P

    tara's plot has been several times before the black widow thinks she can win everything but sooner or later one guy will fight as dirty as she does. hence win for severide !

    wasn't sure about the random 'birthday girl at first but glad that was an excuse to really get boden to wake up.
  • A Tear-jerker.

    Another great episode. I love this show. Really feel bad for Casey that Hallie died, as they have rekindled their relationship and he seemed happier than ever. No doubt the fire was no accident, and a certain policeman was involved! I did find it a wee bit anticlimatic how easily Severide was able to make Tara go away.
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