Chicago Fire

Season 2 Episode 10

Not Like This

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2013 on NBC

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  • GAAAAAAAH on the edge of my seat

    Such an intense and AWESOME episode! Loving this series more and more :D
  • A good mid season finale but..

    the trailer kinda made it look like it was all about one nasty fire and how the team pull together, instead that was rattled off in the closing quarter of the episode, in fact most of the episode was kinda slow with how mc cloud was dealt with. which was ok i guess but it kinda seemed harsh in a way and she didn't seem happy at all with being 'fired'. and then a small sub plot that was kinda predictable is the marine turned firefighters 'wife' having an ex wanting money... well that sorta came to it's head too albeit no surprise to me and also who killed guess in the premier they'll drag it out a bit but i reckon it's the wife.. and for casey, well since his exgf/wife died he'll just be in a comma for a bit then be back fighting ! or they could milk it and have him disabled for a looking forward to chicago pd to see just how good voight really is..