Chicago Fire

Season 1 Episode 3

Professional Courtesy

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on NBC

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  • Chicago Fire.

    3 episode's in & this show is starting to take off, "Professional Courtesy"

    is the best episode so far. Finally getting to know alot about the characters

    & i'm glad Casey did the right thing standing by his principals. One thing i

    dont like is a dirty cop & he has the backing of Chief Boden. What if Casey

    & Dawson did hook up, i think would make a good storyline. But i dont even

    think Casey has any clue that Dawson really likes him. I saw that attraction in

    the pilot episode. No i haven't forgotten about Severide's storyline tough choices for

    him to make. Fantastic episode absolutely loved it.
  • Getting there.

    This episode was a huge improvement compared to the previous episodes. The cases were interesting and this time they weren't rushed. One case brought some interesting dilemma's for Casey as he had to deal with a dirty cop who wanted to protect his son at all costs. He stood his ground and did the right thing but there might be consequences.

    Severide was dealing with his own dilemma, he learned he has sustained a serious injury (a fractured neck) and it will affect his future as a firefighter whether he undergoes treatment or not.

    Overall there was a lot of drama and action this episode. The chief showed he will stand behind his men and we got to see the personal life of Peter Mills. Hope they will continue in this fashion.
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