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  • RIP DuShon Monique Brown (AKA Connie)

    Just found out last night that DuShon Monique Brown who plays Chief Boden's secretary. No cause of death as of yet.
  • Your show is getting close to PORNOGRAPHY

    I usually watch Chicago Fire. The recent episode started out with a bedroom scene. My question to you is WHY DID YOU FEEL IT WAS NECESSARY TO SHOW THIS TRASH? if I want PORN, I will get it elsewhere, so why do you clowns at NBC insist on bring it into our living rooms. One more episode like this and you will lose 2 more viewers. I am 72, I know my Bible, and I know that this just isn't right.
  • I love it ,watching the last season dont want it to get over

    I just love the way the whole house 51 stays together nd stands for each other no matter what or how big the problem is and they always stand for the good and the right

    Best serial ever made.

    Waiting for the next season
  • when will they return?

    what happened to the rest of Chicago med? and fire, it stop in February and not been back. Chicago is back this week is it just a couple of weeks week?
  • Gabbie Dawson is a lunatic

    You can't tell that woman anything. She can't keep her mouth shut for one minute of story time to listen to anyone. And heaven forfend a character is sleeping with her . . . that guarantees that she will dismiss their every word. and in the next scene sell out her love interest for . . . who knows what whim of the moment.

    And what the #$%$ does Matt see in her exactly? He is the only really sympathetic admirable character in this stew of catastrophic dysfunction . . . why does he lower himself with this woman?

    Dump the lunatic! dump the lunatic! Dump the lunatic!
  • awesome show

    Love the story lines and all the drama that the show expresses. The actors all do a awesome job representing the characters they play. Hope this series is on for many more seasons.
  • Great Show To Watch!

    I really enjoy watching this show, alot of suspense ! Hope that they stick around for more seasons !
  • Great show!

    As I have been a first responder for over 12 years I really get into this show as well as PD and Med. Some of the story lines are taxing but they definitely feel the pulse of first responders. I will say that it is not uncommon for the higher ups to pick on certain departments or officers and make it a mission to "get" the officers. Some of the stories are far out and should reign it in a bit but its still fun.

    Killing off Shea was not needed at all but as the show progresses I understand it.

    Mills all I can say is thank you for getting him out! His character was a whiny and drove me crazy.

    Gabby, yes they should shift the focus off of her for a while to give us a break. Her character always overreacts to even the smallest things. This season hasn't been as over the top so it is getting better.

    As far as the rest of the cast, they are eclectic and definitely mirror several people I have worked with in the past and present.
  • i watch it every week

    I like the show. I just wished shea hadn't of been killed off. And What happened to mill's??
  • Why it's sometimes very hard to watch...

    This is actually a great and interesting show. It has even greater potential and it is really nice to know the "Chicago" theme is now a trilogy. a writer or a someone in charge--please,oh,please, do something about the Gabriela/Gabby situation? This is not a good character. The actor overplays it seriously. She reminds me of a first time on stage high schooler. One of the writers must have a serious crush on this girl. She is in the forefront constantly. The miscarriage -due-to-job-stress story line was massively overworked. Enough already!! Move on,please! I have to press the mute button on all of her scenes, The other characters deserve their time. Perhaps "Gabby" could move on,as well.
  • Is the real Chicago Fire Department as dysfunctional as in the TV show

    Usually a TV show will pay homage to an organization which is the heart of their TV show. As with Dragnet, Adam 12, Rescue 911, NCIS, NCIS LA, others. Not happening with Chicago Fire. The more I watch the more I am amazed at the infighting, low quality of senior officers, failure to lead, the list of management failures in the story line is endless.

    As when the LT was relived of duty due to too many problems with his personnel. Clueless senior officers outside the department wait until they think it is a problem, then overreact. No advance counseling, nothing.

    Fire truck response delayed due to people blocking access with their cars. Despite every firefighter giving the exact same story, senior fire bureaucrats think they are all lying. Really?

    Management failure after failure, corruption, obtuse senior fire officers, where does the string of incompetence end? How can the real Chicago Fire put up with all these falsehoods unless they are all true. Are they?

    Yes, I like the actors, general idea of the story. Just think the writers can't make up stories to hold the show unless they keep adding fake plot after plot. Come on guys, you can do better than this. Write the real story.
  • Fantastic Show

    I really enjoy this show and Chicago PD i love the cast and crew and find the episodes quit enjoyable and funny. cant wait for the new season thumbs up.
  • no more Mills?!

    First they kill of Shay, one of the best and now Mills is gone NOT BY HIS CHOICE! if you follow him on facebook he says it wasn't his choice and he would have stayed if it was up to him.. im very saddened by this because yet again one of the best gone again. When millions cry at an episode and its all over social media you know you made a bad decision getting rid of him!! I hope ratings go down and critics throw a fit!!! BRING MILLS BACK!
  • Is Law & Order writing this show?

    Now that more violence and unrealistic action has entered this show, I will most likely end my viewing. It left me with a sour taste last night. Before they messed with it, it made me feel good at the end of the show. Now, just another cookie cutter guns and mob show. The captain who goes over the top with his acting, seems to be something I look forward to now. The guy who owned the food truck is by far one of the best actors on the show. This is the best "blend" of actors I have seen in a long time. As far as Gabriela goes, it seems to me she would be best at something else than what she is doing now. Wouldn't want to see her go, but a fire fighter has more guts and she acts like she is new to the academy, not graduated yet.
  • No new episode yet again this week...

    What the heck is with this show.... Enough with the breaks between episodes! They only just got back from a break, and now its another week without a new episode. What gives?
  • Gabriela needs to go

    I love Chicago Fire but the woman who plays Gabriela does not have the chops to handle the role and the writers have given her far too much to handle. she should not be in this leading portray of Gabriela is painful to watch and I frankly can't stand to watch when she is on screen. The decision to kill off Shay and keep Gabby was pure stupidity. In a real world translation Kelly would never have fallen for this character. Get rid of her NBC or downplay her character. Sylvia is a welcome up her plotlines.
  • best program ever

    Love the actors, but Gabriela is a bit flakey.
  • Like this show with exception to Dawson character.

    I like this show however dislike the Gabriela Dawson character esp as a fireman, this actress is just Not good enough to pull it off and simply does Not suit for it. She is a crappy actress, and simply is Not believable and am losing interest in this show! Make her a paramedic again (with less air time) or kill her off! (she should have been the paramedic killed off!)
  • Poor EMS portrayal

    Your EMS portrayal of paramedics is awful, unrealistic and embarrassing. My wife loves your show and wants me to watch it with her. But your EMS assessments and skills depicted in your show cause me to constantly be critiquing and thus ruining it for my wife. Whoever you have had helping with the show/script must not have been a licensed Paramedic or even a Basic EMT. This doesn't help the general publics view that EMS personnel just "drive It would benefit the show greatly if you have a licensed EMS professional assisting you and take the following classes: ACLS, PALS and CPR. Thanks, A Licensed Paramedic for a 911 service & EMS instructor
  • Ruining the show!

    They never should have made Dawson a firefighter! She is unrealistic and terrible. Please have something happen to make her go back to the Medic Unit.
  • good but not great!

    Got Bad start(3 first episode),but still from the fourth episode,got hooked slowly,getting better slowly,but way far from other series,Third Watch is a Reference on the Subjet.

    Won't be ever near it,Wolf need to Improve his Technical Advisor,i Heard the Term 'Bus' and 'Wagon' from EMS before but never 'Ambo'

    plot always have building burning evenly weird,i do know that there's a part of a Building often more Damage then Other when fire start Somewhere,in Chicago,they don't,like it's always the work of a Freak perfect Arson.

    Acting is good,Caracter is nice,Plot could be better,Still,good TV Show for the Average People.

    A bit of shame for the Real Firefighter and EMS Worker!

    Plot : 1.7/2.5

    Acting : 1.9/2.5

    Technical : 1/2.5

    Caracter : 2/2.5

  • Chicago Fire is the Best!!!!!

    I love love this is so well characters are play off one another so well. I cannot wait until it comes on every week.
  • Best show

    The Characters feel alive, I feel connected emotionally, and awesome action scenes. Yet the the first season feels like a warm up and gets really boring in the first 10 episodes.
  • Yippie I found a show I can watch

    It has taken a long time to find anything decent on TV. I really really like Chicago fire. The drama, excitement, everything. One thing, does she have to sleep with everybody on the show? Please girl. Mike Mills character is cute. Yes dude, shes using you. I thought Kelly was a creep, but he has some endearing qualities. I like Chicago Fire so much I was thinking of offering to make food for the local firemen in my neighborhood. It seems you all are always eating, hahaha. What happened to Mike Mills family- Mother and Sister. I like you all. Fire chief, maouch, ever Shay everyone. And they have the best fire chief on the squad. Fight for your job Chief. .
  • It might never be great, but...

    Approaching the midway point of season 2, Chicago Fire is becoming less and less of a guilty pleasure.

    Comparisons to 'Third Watch' were easy to make from the very start but the complete lack of grit and unlike New York, not actually using Chicago as a "character" completely changes the feel of the show. But, it's slowly finding some solid footing. The prime time soap factor though will always remain so long as they keep the drama levels where they are. Personally, I don't think they're necessary.

    As a device, I like the evil bean counter. She's allowed the show to explore Boden's character, bring Benny back and in turn advance his relationship with Severide and now half sister (which is great) as well as further the dynamic of the how and loyalty shown by the crew to their chief. I don't much care for this threat of doom over closing down 51 because there's zero chance that's actually going to happen. Dangle the possibility of Boden being pushed problem. But shutting down the entire .

    Chicago Fire might now, and likely will not ever be Third Watch, but it's still good quality popcorn fun.

  • Excellent!

    this is a most wonderful show but it is time to dump the vindictive lady who is trying to shut down house 51 - she is real nasty and seems to have it in for this particular house and it is probably because they stand up to her nonsense. i say go forth and have many more seasons. this is by far one of the best programs on television with lots of drama which no doubt plays out with real fire fighters anyway. keep the shows coming and dump the vindictive witch forever - she has lost. let the show proceed without her forever.
  • May as well order season 3

    Best show to come out in a long time.

    Drama (tick)

    Fire (tick)

    This show lives upto the name!
  • Excellent

    This show is by far the best show I have seen in a long time. My whole family loves to watch. Keeps you involved and wouldn't miss an episode.
  • More Drama than the Local Middle School

    Way too much melodrama. And I should know, I have teenage daughters.
  • Riveting

    I never miss an episode!
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