Chicago Fire

Season 1 Episode 7

Two Families

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2012 on NBC

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  • Thanksgiving episode

    I am watching the show too, Dec1964. I thought that this episode was really good. It really shows at what you could be thankful for.




    Take for instance, Cheif Bdoen, I am guessing he was thankful that he got to spend time with Ernie, the kid from that fire in the beginning and last weeks episode. He just had to go and ruin it.

    I just wish Severide could take the surgery and get better and then start right back up again. I know that is unrealistic but it needs to be done, I mean that was pretty stupid about taking something just before a drug test.

    I feel so bad for Casey, he wants kids after that amazing experience he just had giving birth to a baby. I could practically feel his joy while he was telling Hallie. But she had to go and ruin it and say that she may not want kids. Why crush a persons dream when they did something so awesome?

    I loved the podcast at the end. It kind of summed the whole episode up. All in all i thought it was a great episode.
  • Of of the greatest episode so far

    Great ep. Very emotional(last scenes). There was some action. There were few humorous scenes (Ottis and Mouch during making podcast).

    I really hope that Voight thread(plot) is over.

    And Severide should finally do sth, get busted or get a surgery for example.


    about drug test

    They found out about drug test after taking the pill by Severide.

    Chief Boden ordered them to do it in the next scene.