Chicago Fire

Season 2 Episode 10

Not Like This

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Thanks to Gail McLeod, 51 is most likely going to have to close down, but the chief and the rest of the crew try to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, the crew faces danger and peril during an apartment fire. Dawson receives some news that may change her life. Mouch gets affected by union president Greg Sullivan's publicity and headlines.
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Dec 11, 2013
I just watched tonights episode. Shay is all better last week she was on the edge that was quick turn around. Dawson a few weeks ago was thinking of med school again and now she wants to be a firefighter I wish she make up her mind! The part that I liked most about tonights show was the rally of the neighborhood, adults, kids, fire academy and the squad to save their House. With the kid getting signatures and Mills I just knew that Michele Forbes character was going down in flames! I'll miss her but glad the firehouse is open. (I kind thought the house would closed and she'd need help but since no one was around to help she'd be dead or seriously injured and would open the house back up.)moreless
Dec 11, 2013
yeah shay was a bit quick but then again there isn't much reference to time passing between 'fires' you could argue 'that chick who robbed them' i forget her name' was actually drugging her or keeping her drunk. kinda explains shay's behaviour changing. and since she went cold turkey and dawson probably helped her out a bit.. tbh the fire house had to stay open other wise the show has no real point to it.. besides spreading out the cast to different houses and then doing some spiltting up scenes each week, to me that would get confusing and stupid.

for me mc cloud maybe had some other motives behind wanting that money bonus like she's in debt or something, but then again she was kinda evil and i didn't want to feel bad for her..

then we have a new 'potential' villian in the senator and his people, could they be a friend or foe ? sooner or later the state will be back to claim back money.

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