Chicago Hope

CBS (ended 2000)


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Chicago Hope

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This medical drama focuses on the personal and professional trials and tribulations of the medical staff of Chicago Hope Hospital.
Adam Arkin

Adam Arkin

Dr. Aaron Shutt

Peter Berg

Peter Berg

Dr. Billy Kronk

Hector Elizondo (I)

Hector Elizondo (I)

Dr. Phillip Watters

Vondie Curtis-Hall

Vondie Curtis-Hall

Dr. Dennis Hancock

Jayne Brook

Jayne Brook

Dr. Diane Grad

Christine Lahti (I)

Christine Lahti (I)

Dr. Kate Austin

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  • best drama series

    all i can say is that this show has real talented actors and scriptwriters. like the way the story goes which tackles the life of each character on the show, on how they face the problems in the hospital. ordered a dvd set of this show at memorylanedvd . com and package was absolutely brilliant! great quality!
  • Splitdecisions. Hemicoporectomy the show is normal good but lack of correct info is why i scored thisepisodelow

    I had this operation 5-2011. I was put in the hospital in March,. I had TONS of test run to be sure I could survive the operation,. In April I had the first part done which was to make places for bags on my stomach for pee and poo this took 8 hours. About 5 weeks Later in May I had the operation it took 13 hours, 28 units of blood. A total of 8 months hospital stay. 10 doctors to cover different areas. I also had many hours before and after of Pyschiatrist chats. The DRs done some dry runs on cadavers The CH made it all seem simple fast and over. I am working on my 2nd year of living as a Hemi and believe me it is not something that is just over. My site is and youtube link of 200 people who had this done only about 28 lived and only 18 still alive in the world.

  • Hey guys got some good news I found this link were you can watch some of Chicago Hope Episodes..They are full episodes...They don't have all 140...but so far they have 22..and trust me they are DVD quality..Hope you Enjoy...:-)..Hit me up for the link.moreless

    This show is one of the very best hospital/Drama that I haved ever watched. even though this show came out more than 13 years ago it is still one of my must watch shows..I currently watch it everyday on the discovery health channel, I have not miss an episode yet....if this show were to come out on DVD I would definitely be one of the first persons to be very happy to own it on a DVD palform.

    So far I have found a link to watch some episodes.. they are full episodes so if you want hit me up for the link...moreless
  • Classic, one of the best TV shows of all time

    I love this show, and it would be so great if it would come back one day. ER is very similar to this show, but off course Chicago Hope is simply perfect. It's one of the few shows that has happy endings that I assumed and hoped that would be. That is making this show even better.

    Great actors, great episodes, long-running show, a lot of twists, but the end is nice. I haven't missed any episode, and i would watch it again and again and it wouldn't be boring. It's one of the most influential shows, because after this show started ER, and not to mention The Scrubs. I really want it back. Perfect...moreless
  • Chicago Hope: the absolute best in hospital dramas, bar none! This show was the epitome of good drama!

    My favorite of all dramas, Chicago Hope. Can't beat the cast, the writing was out of this world A-1, & they got down to the nitty-gritty, every week! This was a show that could evoke a lot of emotions: it made me laugh, cry, stop & re-think my ethics, & I liked that! My favorite character was Dr. Jeffrey Geiger, the man was insane, complex & a genius. Mandy Patinkin rules! In fact, all the characters were well-cast, & combined with brilliant scripts, made this show the best of the best! This is one drama you need to watch, mama!moreless
  • 10:00 pm
    48 Hours

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for women, for the nostalgic, hospital backdrop, high stake situations, cringeworthy