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  • best drama series

    all i can say is that this show has real talented actors and scriptwriters. like the way the story goes which tackles the life of each character on the show, on how they face the problems in the hospital. ordered a dvd set of this show at memorylanedvd . com and package was absolutely brilliant! great quality!
  • Splitdecisions. Hemicoporectomy the show is normal good but lack of correct info is why i scored thisepisodelow


    I had this operation 5-2011. I was put in the hospital in March,. I had TONS of test run to be sure I could survive the operation,. In April I had the first part done which was to make places for bags on my stomach for pee and poo this took 8 hours. About 5 weeks Later in May I had the operation it took 13 hours, 28 units of blood. A total of 8 months hospital stay. 10 doctors to cover different areas. I also had many hours before and after of Pyschiatrist chats. The DRs done some dry runs on cadavers The CH made it all seem simple fast and over. I am working on my 2nd year of living as a Hemi and believe me it is not something that is just over. My site is and youtube link of 200 people who had this done only about 28 lived and only 18 still alive in the world.


  • Hey guys got some good news I found this link were you can watch some of Chicago Hope Episodes..They are full episodes...They don't have all 140...but so far they have 22..and trust me they are DVD quality..Hope you Enjoy...:-)..Hit me up for the link.

    This show is one of the very best hospital/Drama that I haved ever watched. even though this show came out more than 13 years ago it is still one of my must watch shows..I currently watch it everyday on the discovery health channel, I have not miss an episode yet....if this show were to come out on DVD I would definitely be one of the first persons to be very happy to own it on a DVD palform.

    So far I have found a link to watch some episodes.. they are full episodes so if you want hit me up for the link...
  • Classic, one of the best TV shows of all time

    I love this show, and it would be so great if it would come back one day. ER is very similar to this show, but off course Chicago Hope is simply perfect. It's one of the few shows that has happy endings that I assumed and hoped that would be. That is making this show even better.
    Great actors, great episodes, long-running show, a lot of twists, but the end is nice. I haven't missed any episode, and i would watch it again and again and it wouldn't be boring. It's one of the most influential shows, because after this show started ER, and not to mention The Scrubs. I really want it back. Perfect...
  • Chicago Hope: the absolute best in hospital dramas, bar none! This show was the epitome of good drama!

    My favorite of all dramas, Chicago Hope. Can't beat the cast, the writing was out of this world A-1, & they got down to the nitty-gritty, every week! This was a show that could evoke a lot of emotions: it made me laugh, cry, stop & re-think my ethics, & I liked that! My favorite character was Dr. Jeffrey Geiger, the man was insane, complex & a genius. Mandy Patinkin rules! In fact, all the characters were well-cast, & combined with brilliant scripts, made this show the best of the best! This is one drama you need to watch, mama!
  • Good Show.

    As you guys know Chicago Hope is now on Channel 279 DHC(Discovery Health Channel) on and it comes on at 5:00am Pacific time. Its a very good show. I was hoping to record them but I always sleep in and miss it every morning. So, hopefully after I record the american gladiators I can record Chicago Hope with out sleeping over.
  • A great, great hospital show that unfortunately started at the top of the game and went downhill over time.

    When Chicago Hope premiered opposite E.R., I watched both and immediately decided that Hope was the better show. I was a fan of David E. Kelley to begin with, and I thought the cast of Mandy Patinkin, Adam Arkin, Peter MacNicol, Hector Elizondo and E.G. Marshall was first-rate.

    If Patinkin (Dr. Jeffrey Geiger) had stayed with the show through its entire run, I would have rated the show much higher. He brought the arrogance necessary to any top-flight heart surgeon, along with the pathos of a man coping with his wife's insanity. In my opinion, Patinkin delivered one of the finest character portrayals I've ever seen in television -- and I am an actor who tends to be extremely critical of other actors. The episodes in which he was allowed to sing are all personal favorites, as I think Patinkin has one of the greatest voices America has ever produced.

    Adam Arkin (Dr. Aaron Shutt) has always been a personal favorite of mine, and this show is no different. He managed to counterbalance Patinkin nicely. Arkin, Elizondo and MacNicol seemed to provide most of the humor in the show.

    The later additions of Christine Lahti and Peter Berg helped, but I can't say much for Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll. Other cast members were adequate -- nothing special, but they didn't hurt either.

    The writing also suffered as the seasons passed, mainly due to Kelley's overloaded schedule. As with any of his shows, the more involved he was, the better the show was.

    At any rate, watch any of the episodes in the first two years and you'll see a great hospital show. Watch the later ones, and it's a bit more hit and miss.

    All in all, a great show that lived up to its potential early, but leveled off over time. Still worth watching however, so catch it on Discovery Health -- especially the episodes with Geiger.
  • A brilliant show that never quite reached its potential for some reason.

    I loved Chicago Hope and couldn't believe it's ratings in the US were so bad that it got cancelled too soon. Although the cast in the last year as so weren't as strong as the early days.

    For me Chicago Hope is all about Jeffery Geiger! I loved that man, Mandy Patinkin does crazy very well. It was also great to get the opportunity to hear him sing so often. mandys portrayal of Geiger made me feel for him in such a strong way. It's not often an actor can bring such a troubled character to live in that way.

    One of the saddest times in the show was when the 'Eel' died. It takes a lot to make me cry but I'll admit to a few tears then.

    It's hard to understand how the show wasn't a bigger success, it had a strong cast and some great characters. It had the cutting edge medical stuff and enough of the personal stuff (not too much!) to make a great mix. I guess some shows just for whatever reason don't become the success they should. i hope it gets a repeat somewhere soon!
  • To me this was one of the good shows of the 1990's, but since the major characters like Hyland and Kronk were absent, it kinda went downhill, The lives and Loves of Chicago Hope as well as the patients reminds you of a latter day Grey's Anatomy i think.

    The day to day running of Chicago Hope - Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson and Peter Berg and Rocky Carroll to name a few, it definately reminds me of Grey's Anatomy, including the in fighting between the doctors and the surgeons and how certain illnesses affect them (Nyland looking after the coma patient after his own accident).

    In a way it became a bit unrealistic, Geiger losing the plot and then suddenly returning, that wouldnt happen in a hospital in Scotland i dont think!

    But, seeing the ins and outs of the patients, and the doctors of Chicago Hope certainly got me tuned in, especially as i started watching it at 13!!! they should bring it back in reruns, as id certainly watch it!!
  • On most counts Chicago Hope beats ER

    Chicago Hope had everything that is ER from the emergencies of a major hospital to the drama of watching doctors & nurses saving lives. So you weren't missing out there. But what it did more than the more popular brand of medical drama was bring the characters to us in a more personalable level. You really genuinely care about these doctors & their everyday lives. Both shows, Chicago Hope & ER started around the same time for us in 1994 but something about Chicago Hope made it an all time favourite and many of the actors who played in it have become much admired to me. Thats something that ER failed to do. Whether it was the constant ER rushing around "STAT STAT STAT" that it so famously loves to do or the characters who don't grab you by the heart strings, something about Chicago Hope just makes it that much better as a medical drama.
  • A great all-star cast is included with this hospital drama.

    A great all-star cast is included with this hospital drama. a lot of younger actors got their first or one of their first big breaks with this show including Adam Arkin, Eric Stoltz, Thomas Gibson, Lauren Holly, Peter Berg and Mandy Patinkin. These young stars really shined and got going in their careers. Other outstanding established actors were in the cast as well. They included Barbara Hershey, E.G. Marshall, Hector Elizondo, Mark Harmon and Christine Lahti. This was a really fun show to watch. I think it went downhill when Mandy Patinkin who had been a star on Broadway left the series to spend more time with his kids.
  • A good show... I still watch it every day on DHC!

    I still watch this show every day on Discovery Health Channel... it was one of my first favorite shows.... I have memories of writing about the most recent episode in my journals when I was younger.
    I never got into ER, but I loved this show.
    I really liked how they always showed experimental treatments, and also how there were real people and problems - even though sometimes it got tiring.
  • To me, better than ER...

    Many people complained that ER and Chicago Hope were almost the entirely same show. Not to mention that they did premiere at almost the exact same time. However, I think these individuals really didn't see pass the fact that they were both medical shows.

    Even though some of both shows' storylines were similar, I enjoyed the way Chicago Hope told theirs. The writing on each episode was so superb and each of the actors gave wonderful performances. Even though the cast changed over the years, the heart of the show did not.

    One of the best aspects of the show was that it took time right from the beginning to show the home life of the characters (something ER did not do as well in it's first season). It was great to see the medical issues each doctor had to deal with in the hospital, but it was also great to see how being a doctor or a nurse affecting their homelife. It was easy to believe that some of the actors could have been doctors. It was also wonderful for me to see Mandy Patinkin do something I hadn't seen him do before and that was do some great dramatic material. His sense of humor helped his character seemed even more real.

    The show mainly ended up failing because of the fact that CBS thought it would be great even after seeing ER's numbers, to leave it in the Thursday 10PM timeslot. This made it difficult for those who enjoyed both medical dramas, to watch them both each week and they were either forced to choose one or tape the other.

    However, I am so thrilled that Chicago Hope airs each weekday on Discovery Health Channel now. It's great to rediscover the show this way and has become a daily fix with me.

    Christine Lahti probably gave the best performance of all the actors on the show. I enjoyed practically every single scene she ever did on there. This show finally showed audiences just how great of an actress she truly is. Also giving wonderful performances throughout the show's run were Hector Elizondo, Adam Arkin (his stroke episode was one of the best ever on television) and of course the aforementioned Mandy Patinkin.

    I was heartbroken when this show ended, but I'm so greatful and appreciative that it got to last for as long of period as it did. Also, that it won the awards it did.

    Long live, Chicago Hope!
  • I still love this show ...

    I know that fans of doctor/hospital dramas can be just as fanatical as other fans. Some would say ER is the best of all time, others St. Elsewhere, but for me it has always been Chicago Hope.

    The storylines are stronger, quirky ... not to mention they have more 'meat' to them. Well, at least the first few seasons did. Then it slowly fell into the usual multitasking stories 90% of the others are guilty of - trying to get us better acquainted with the characters instead of actually trying to be entertaining.

    Overall, Mandy Patinkin made the show for me. His character was interesting, and well, sexy. When he decided to leave the show for a few years, I kinda felt left out. Not many of the other characters very noticable, with the exception of Hector Elizondo and Adam Arkin.

    Even with the weak seasons, I could still highly recommend CH to any newbies out there who haven't had the opportunity to catch it yet. It's definitely worth watching, and I can't wait for it to be released on DVD.
  • It didn't make it cause of a bad time slot

    I think this show was excellent. I loved the characters. I think it had dry humor and excellent story lines. I feel this show didn't make it because of its time slot. It was up against ER and ER had a stronger following. I loved the story line with the wife in the mental hospital and the sexual and personal struggle of a sick wife and a need to lead a normal life. Maybe its time to bring it back and see how it would fair now.
  • A private hospital and a bunch of ego inflated doctors. What could be mmore fun?

    When I was younger I used to watch alot of TV with my grandfather. When Chicago Hope premeireed it was the same year as year. We were torn between which one to watch and we were afraid that if we tryed to catch one in the summer it would be cancelled. So we tapeed one in one room and watched the other on the big TV. At the end of the season we were extremely happy that both shows were renewed but again we were faced with the same dilema. Then Chicago Hope ended its run and it was no longer a problem. About 6 months ago I was elated to hear that Discovery health Channel was bringing Chicago Hope back. I started yelling "Chicago Hope has been resusitated!" I watch every night at 7pm religiously for about 5 months and I got to see the entire series from the beginning again. If any of today's prodcers would look back at the writing for Chicago Hope we would reach a whole new level of TV.
  • I just discovered Chicago Hope, and I am so glad I did.

    I had seen the title flash on my screen when changing satellite channels but it never occurred to me to stop there. One day, I did, and I never looked back. Now, 10 pm is Chicago Hope time, no matter what. I cried when Dr. Shutt got the plague virus, and fought the urge to comfort Dr. McNeil when he was shot trying to talk down that sniper. (Dang bookies!) Chicago Hope is an early House MD. Instead of one doctor getting all of the good lines, every doctor does. And you never get bored because of the large cast. Each actor brings a different dynamic to each episode and they all do a fabulous job of making Chicago Hope a classic!
  • I still enjoy it.

    Even after the this show had ended, I still find myself engrossed in it.

    We ar having a complete re-run of the show here in the U.K and I still have to have my daily fix of Dr Jack McNeal.. corr...

    I really wish they would bring it back, I would love to see the old faces again, Gieger, Camille, Billy, Philip and Aaron.

    They always say the old stuff is the best and they certainly have to include this show.

    Sadly missed!
  • Please bring it back.

    Chicago Hope was one of the best hospital show, right after ER. There is something about shows that has it focus in the hospital, it makes it special, and Chicago Hope is a special place, it becomes your home of sorts, you know your beloved character and feel for them when something happens.
    And they had the nerve to cancel it.
  • This was a superb show! I absolutely loved it!

    This was a great show! I loved it because of the development of the characters. They really seemed realistic. The storylines were also very intriguing! I was quite upset when it was canceled back in 2000. However, I sometimes catch reruns on the Discovery Health Channel at 3PM or 9AM. This show was much better than boring ER on NBC
  • I agree with you Brenza. I used to watch Chicago Hope whenever I had time when it first aired. Now I get to see it again in reruns. I always thought it was a great show.I like it better than ER.

    I like the way that Chicago Hope not only dealt with the medical and social issues, but they got into the character's personal lives. It reminds you that the doctors do have personal lives outside of the hospital and they deal with the same things everyday that we do.It's fun to watch.
  • This was a great show

    This show was first aired the same time as ER. Though ER is also great show, Chicago Hope got canceled while ER continued. I guess there was only room for one hospital show at a time. Though right now in 2005 there are so many hospital shows it's unbelievable. I was sad to see Chicago Hope go, I really enjoyed this show. I think Mandy Patinkin played an excellent doctor. He always had the right thing to say and was really good at putting people in their place.