Chicago Hope - Season 3

CBS (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Hope Against Hope
    Hope Against Hope
    Episode 26
    Jeffrey Geiger returns to Chicago Hope to announce that he has bought a controlling interest in the hospital, and performs an operation on Kate's patient. Kronk is forced to make some tough decisions about his father who is afflicted with Alzheimers. Aaron and Jack ponder the affect of beliefs when several people claim to be healed after seeing an image of the Virgin Mary in the hospital lobby. Wilkes has a bad day, and Austin wonders about her place in the hospital.moreless
  • Love on the Rocks
    Love on the Rocks
    Episode 25
    McNeil doesn't cope well with the demands for attention from Karen, his "roommate" and a therapy patient claiming that McNeil's his father. Billy learns that Aaron kissed Diane, and handles it very badly. A depressed Nyland gets one more unwelcome surprise. Phillip receives an offer from Emma.
  • Lamb To Slaughter
    Lamb To Slaughter
    Episode 24
    An Assistant State’s Attorney launches an investigation after the mother of a mortally-wounded gangbanger accuses the hospital of letting her son die.
  • Lamb to the Slaughter
    After a gang member dies in the ER, the boy's mother claims that one of the doctors suggested they "Let him die" so a prosecutor calls in Wilkes, Nyland, McNeil and Watters for widely varying statements about what actually happened during the crucial time period.
  • Colonel of Truth
    Colonel of Truth
    Episode 23
    Kate finds herself in a no-win situation when Sara's teammate is seriously injured during a baseball game. Phillip's Colonel from Vietnam is admitted with severe rheumatoid arthritis but refuses treatment. Wilkes puts Nyland on probation. Shutt get a TV gig.
  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego
    Episode 22
    Word of Billy's and Diane's engagement receives a mixed reception at the hospital. Kate alienates Phillip and the board of directors, while a reporter follows her around the hospital. Jack returns from vacation with a windfall and a feverish belief he's on a winning streak. Aaron and Jack takes on the delicate job of operating on a newborn with an exposed spinal cord.moreless
  • Positive I.D.s
    Positive I.D.s
    Episode 21
    Grad tries to persuade a hesitant Kronk to perform a double mastectomy on a healthy woman does not have cancer but who does have the gene for breast cancer and a family history of the illness. Austin struggles to get a reluctant Sara into an exclusive girls school. Nyland returns to work following his accident and throws himself into trying to identify a severely beaten and comatose young woman.moreless
  • Second Chances
    Second Chances
    Episode 20
    Nyland's life hangs in the balance when he slams his car into a wall. A prominent author who is a hero of Kate's, needs a second heart transplant for which he isn't eligible. McNeil descends into a major gambling bender, and takes Kronk for a ride.
  • The Son Also Rises
    The Son Also Rises
    Episode 19
    Aaron discovers that his late father wasn't his biological parent when he meets the eccentric sculptor who is. Phillip learns something about his estranged son when an emergency arises. Kate treats an 11 year-old genius who hungers for contact with his overwhelmed father.
  • Growing Pains
    Growing Pains
    Episode 18
    Aaron and Phillip announce that they are buying the hospital from Wilmette, although their plans for keeping the hospital solvent do not please any of their colleagues. An HMO lawyer obsessed with "patient responsibilty" holds the reins in on some lucrative coronary-bypass business. A patient with private insurance receives test after test for all of his petty complaints.moreless
  • Mother, May I?
    Mother, May I?
    Episode 17
    Kate flies to Washington with Tommy to speak to Congress about health care. Back in Chicago, her friend Marina makes a decision about adoption. McNeil's patient Harriett Owens is hospitalized again. Aaron and Phillip explore the possibility of buying the hospital.
  • Missed Conception
    Missed Conception
    Episode 16
    An old friend of Austin's asks for help in getting pregnant. A cancer patient needs marijuana for her well being. Shutt's friend returns from Italy without his wife.
  • Take My Wife, Please
    Aaron's practical joker college roommate arrives for a visit and announces that he wants Aaron to marry his widow, Aaron's former girlfriend, when the malignant and inoperable tumor in his brain finally takes his life in a few weeks. Keith and Danny continue to clash. Aaron runs into an old friend as he stumbles home after a night of drinking with his college roommate. Gina has a miscarriage, but a grieving Keith wonders if it wasn't deliberate. Karen suspects that Jack's gambling again, but Jack ignores any questioning. Maricela puts the moves on Aaron. Karen is wary when Jack finally comes to her for help.moreless
  • The Day of the Rope
    The Day of the Rope
    Episode 14
    White supremacists on the run following a failed assasination attempt against the President, hole up in a grocery store with an injured member, and demand a doctor from Chicago Hope to treat him.
  • Verdicts
    Episode 13
    A hit-and-run victim escapes serious injury but her infant twins face a desperate crisis. Hancock faces testifying in court against his brother-in-law. Patient Linda Fortin's heart continues to grow weaker as her pregnancy progresses, endangering herself and her baby.
  • Split Decisions
    Split Decisions
    Episode 12
    A man attempts suicide, but Wilkes saves his life. But, Wilkes receives cold dousings from both the man and his wife. Austin is impressed by a visiting doctor. McNeil treats a teen with an emotionally distant father.
  • Mummy Dearest
    Mummy Dearest
    Episode 11
    Diane is surprised when she has the opportunity to examine a 500-year-old Incan mummy that's temporarily in town. An accident victim loses his memory, but gains a much nicer personality. McNeil performs risky surgery as his gambling addiction takes flight.
  • V-Fibbing
    Episode 10
    Austin and Underhill both have to face the consequences about telling the truth. McNeil contemplates surgery to prolong a jockey's career. Kronk lies to a teenage smoker with a cough.
  • Divided Loyalty
    Divided Loyalty
    Episode 9
    Kronk puts himself and Grad into a difficult position when he treats an old hockey pal who turns up after just being released from jail with a bullet in him. Wilkes and his wife face some basic decisions about their lives when they must decide what sort of neighborhood to move to.moreless
  • A Day in the Life
    A Day in the Life
    Episode 8
    Austin's cystic fibrosis patient is just one of four patients needing transplants who have to wait in fear and hope when a potential donor appears but is prematurely pronounced dead and entered into the donor system by the inexperienced Eggert.
  • A Time to Kill
    A Time to Kill
    Episode 7
    Aaron faces a huge moral dilemma when he's asked to operate on a death-row inmate scheduled to be executed in two weeks. McNeil treats a feisty old lady whose daughter is an old flame of his. Dr. Watters entertains an amnesiac, believing that he's an old friend he hadn't seen in 20 years.moreless
  • Higher Powers
    Higher Powers
    Episode 6
    Austin sprays a subpoena server with mace, inspiring his fellow servers to wage war on the hospital. Hancock counsels a woman to end her pregnancy when he discovers the fetus has a fatal birth defect. Even though her health is severely threatened by the pregnancy, she is determined to carry the baby to term. Kronk finally returns to Chicago, dressed in Masai garb, and tries to reconnect with Diane.moreless
  • Liar, Liar
    Liar, Liar
    Episode 5
    Kate returns to duty and finds that her reinstatement comes with a cut in title, salary, staff, and office. Jack replaces the hip of an older man who has opinions on everything, including how Jack should live his life. Aaron has mixed emotions when Grace comes up with a much-needed improvement for a surgical shunt he's been developing. Kate is humbled when a young couple whose daughter needs a heart transplant chooses another doctor after they discover her change in status. Tommy thinks it would be a good idea for the hospital to advertise, and hires a publicist who manages to get under everyone's skin as she creates a commercial.moreless
  • Liver Let Die
    Liver Let Die
    Episode 4
    Dennis and Jack clash over the best mode of treating the arthritic knee of a world class cyclist. Aaron makes a new friend when he takes on a new research assistant. Kate and Danny have their suspensions reviewed by the board. Phillip plunges back into patient care by performing an experimental procedure on a woman who exhibits unusual complications from a liver tumor. Caroline discovers that orthopedics are not for her. Dennis faces an emotional struggle in the aftermath of his shooting.moreless
  • Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
    Aaron and Jack join forces in operating on a man who sustained multiple fractures in a parachute jumping accident. Jack takes one on the chin when he gives the parachutist's would-be bride some bad news. Diane rejoins the staff as a teaching attending in internal medicine, and quickly draws a demanding and manipulative patient who's making the staff miserable. Diane unsuccessfully seeks some moral support from Dennis and Philip. Kate's grief over her father's death is compounded when she's carjacked on her way home from his funeral and his ashes are not recovered with the car. After Tommy tells her some hard truths about creating her own misery, Kate decides to take responsibility for the choices she's made, and starts by telling Peggy Harrod the truth about her daughter's death. Kate returns home to find the carjacker has returned her father's ashes while burglarizing her home. Philip has it out with Aaron and reaffirms his intention to keep Tommy from closing the hospital.moreless
  • Back to the Future
    Back to the Future
    Episode 2
    Kate cares for her dying father and gets some words of wisdom from Tommy when he brings Sara for a visit. Philip recruits Dr. Jack McNeil to head up orthopedics. Diane returns, only to find that Billy has remained in Africa and that her lab has turned into a storage room. Keith places himself in legal jeopardy when he decides to help an injured drug courier evade arrest. Aaron persuades Tommy to give the hospital six months to turn itself around with Philip at the helm.moreless
  • Out of Africa
    Out of Africa
    Episode 1
    Kate returns to Chicago to face possible arrest and her ex-husband, as well as suspension at work. Aaron ponders Philip's bitterness over Aaron's apparent support of Tommy Wilmette. Dennis struggles to regain his health. Dr. Nyland returns to find a new doctor in charge of the trauma service. Kronk and Grad continue to quarrel as he prepares to leave Africa.moreless