Chicago P.D.

Season 1 Episode 3

Chin Check

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2014 on NBC

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  • This Show Works.

    Apart from the smuggling guns from Canada storyline, which was very good, there was one scene that i don't know much about yet. When Halstead went to see that couple, was their child murdered and molested by that creep Lonnie a few blocks down the road. Because that child would've have been 15, so how much time did that creep do in jail (he did look like a pedophile). The money that Maurice gave to Voight, $5 grand, that he never handed to her and kept for D'Anthony, and gave it to his Aunty, i thought was better deserved. So Justin is out of jail, from way back season one of CF. Great Show, This ls ln My Favorites List.
  • Linkages

    I really like the linkages between the two sister shows Fire and PD. I hope those semi cross overs continue. When you think about it firefighters and cops do have to work closely on occasion. I agree with the first comment. I really hope the show does well. Most of the times I have noticed for the shows I've watched it has more to do with show business politics as well as personality clashes. These dynamics determine how well a particular show will do; but another key to a tv show's success are its fans. So come on Chicago Fire and PD fans represent!
  • Liking this show more as it goes.

    I saw this episode on my birthday, so I'll considered seeing this one as my birthday gift. Things are looking good for this show.

    So far, Voight uses unconventional means to bring justice to those in need, which seems to make up for the things he did in Chicago Fire.

    I think the characters I like so far are Antonio, Erin, Halstead and Olinsky.

    As for the story of this episode, it was quite good. Action-packed and dramatic at best. Something tells me that Voight's son is not 100% reformed and seems to resent his father at the end of that episode. Voight sure had a reason to miss seeing him for once. I think Erin is more of the daughter to Voight than his son ever was to him.

    It was good that the events at the end of Chicago Fire's last episode was mentioned at the scene where Voight informs Erin what has happened.

    I hope this show doesn't get cancelled too soon.

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