Chicago P.D.

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Stepping Stone
      Episode 1

      Chicago Police Department's newly-minted Intelligence Unit leads investigation into a string of murders possibly related to a Colombian drug gang; Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt has Officer Kim Burgess run an errand for her; Veteran undercover officer Alvin Olinsky recruits a rookie to the unit; and the attempted arrest of the assassin leads to tragedy that cost Intelligence Unit one of their own people.

    • 1/15/14

      To start off the next case, one of their own, Antonio, is in a terrible position because his son gets kidnapped by members of a Columbian drug gang and the leader is in prison. During the rescue of the child, Halstead gains new information about Lindsay and her past.

    • Chin Check
      Episode 3

      As a new case comes to light, the intelligence unit searches for the source of ammunition meant to kill officers of the police department. Voight and his unit investigate a home associated with some major gangs. Meanwhile, Ruzek is encouraged to seek counseling for personal reasons. Halstead has some very unwelcome visitors from his past.

    • 1/29/14

      This time around the intelligence unit goes after a counterfeiting operation that could mess up and ruin things for the state. Meanwhile, Atwater and Burgess are sent after a hoarder to make her clean up or put her in jail and find something they didn't expect. Olinsky tries everything to protect his daughter and Voight has a decision to make regarding his son, who was recently released from prison.

    • Thirty Balloons
      Episode 5

      Lindsay, wanting to make things better for Voight, tries her best to keep Justin out of trouble but it might not be that easy. When the Intelligence Unit gets word on a dangerous drug-smuggling operation, they want to make it stop and learn some secrets behind it so Olinsky and Ruzek go on a stakeout. Meanwhile, Atwater and Burgess receive a new patrol car.

    • Conventions
      Episode 6

      In the conclusion of the crossover that started from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Voight and the Intelligence Unit enlist the help of New York PD Special Victims Unit detectives Fin Tutuola and Amanda Rollins to help track down a serial rapist/killer.

    • The Price We Pay
      Episode 7

      Voight's son Justin is suspected to be involved in a murder of a man who has connections to the mob, which causes puts Voight at odds with Antonio and Voight's Internal Affairs handler, Erica Gradishar as the Intelligence Unit investigates the crime.

    • 3/12/14

      Voight works with a former partner during an investigation, and he's also assigned a new Internal Affairs handler who doesn't trust him. Meanwhile, Halstead seeks help gathering information about Lonnie Rodiger; and Olinsky attempts to deflate Ruzek's ego and offers a boost to Atwater.

    • 3/19/14

      Olinsky's teenage daughter, Lexi  witnessed a gang shooting, which would make her a target if she testifies; Ruzek helps Burgess on the undercover assignment; Halstead continues to investigate Lonnie Rodiger's activities; and Voight has to cope with the warnings of his IA contact Stillwell.

    • 4/2/14

      Halstead is investigated for the murder of Lonnie Rodiger, which Voight suspends him pending investigation; The Intelligence Unit works on a missing when a missing torso is found in the car; Detective Sumner is given a chance to prove her worth in Intelligence; and Lindsay enjoy the late night visit from firefighter Kelly Severide.

    • Turn the Light Off
      Episode 11

      The Intelligence Unit investigate a violent armed robbery in a bank; Burgess asks to go undercover on the case to prove herself; Platt asks Ruzek for an unusual favor off-the-books; and Halstead spends time with the family of his high-school sweetheart.

    • 8:30 PM
      Episode 12
      The Intelligence Unit works furiously to find the people responsible for an explosion at Chicago Medical. Voight and his team use their own angles and connections; Lindsay and Antonio interrogate doctors who operated on an ambassador from Syria; and Olinsky finds a lead. Meanwhile, the team realizes that additional bombs may still be active; and Burgess waits to learn about her niece's fate.moreless
    • My Way
      Episode 13
      The Intelligence Unit members are dismayed to learn that Pulpo has been released to help locate a deadly cartel leader. Elsewhere, Ruzek deals with difficult news; Lindsay has a brush with her past; and Jin faces a problem.
    • The Docks
      Episode 14
      Voight and Platt share information about their pasts; Jin is caught poking around on Voight's computer and shifts blame to a convenient scapegoat; Lindsay realizes that she needs to be honest with Charlie; and Halstead gets the answers he's been seeking.
    • 5/21/14

      Lindsay is at a crossroads regarding Charlie and Halstead convinces her to talk to Voight; Burgess copes with losing her shot in joining the Intelligence Unit; Voight discovers Jin is a Internal Affairs mole; The Intelligence Unit investigates stolen explosives at the construction site; and the team loses one of their own.

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