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  • Racial Profiling

    I really like this show but what is with the criminal shows anymore. They are so predictable about "who dun it" Yes, of course, it will be the clean cut, white male. Better yet, the rich, white, clean guy, but always the white guy. Good grief. Even commercials make the white guy the "dumby" or "idiot". Profiling is not acceptable ever. So, PLEASE, a little balance!
  • not long finished,get back soon

    (hill stree blues) good and not forfgot. This is yet another great show and cast,great fun.
  • Best show ever !!!

    Not just the best police show but the best show i have ever watched in my life. I love every min of it and i cant think that someone can say bad stuff about this show I LOVIT xxx It inspires many people to live a better life...
  • Love the show since day 1

    Since the first episode I've loved the and watch it every Wednesday... Favorite show so far.. Thanks Dick Wolf... But I'd like it if it would be more interesting than it is as of now!
  • Damn Good Show that in Season Three Became Damn Poor Show

    After the first two seasons I wrote:

    I can not understand why this show has such low ratings. I love it. Good characters and stories.

    My negative comments are:

    1) Have less of Erin LIndsay and Jay Halstead and let Bergess, Atwater, Olinksy, Dawson, Platt, and Roman play largerr roles in episodes. Lindsay is a pretty face but her voice along with Voights remind me of two pieces of chalk running along a green chalkboard.

    2) Get rid of the darn cross-overs. There is no need for them and they do nothing to embellish the series. Yes, Chicago Fire (uck) and SVU New York ( double yuck).

    I really like the chemistry between Burgess and Roman and the tough as nails but sometimes funny Platt.

    Some people have commented about stupid scripting but name a show that is not fraught with that. I let the little things pass.

    It is a great cop show even with these flaws and I highly recommend watching it.

    But now we are in Season Three and Ick is all I can say. My season 3 review is:

    End of the Road

    I enjoyed the first two seasons of this show even though it had low ratings but of late it has hit rock bottom in terms of story lines and characters.

    The show should be renamed the Voight, Lindsay and Halstead show. The other characters are now basically non-existent.

    In Episode 10 Season Three, several members of the team were completely omitted, and others were limited to a few seconds air-time. Episode 11 was only slightly better.

    Not only that the producer has the great insight to merge the Chicago shows together- Med, PD and Fire. Boring, Boring, Boring.

    This was the end of the line for me. I am really tired of always seeing the three dominating characters, of which only one is likeable.

    I recommend you do not waste your time watching this show. Ugh.

  • Great Show To Watch

    This is a great show ! I just wish that in real life people would have each others backs like these guys do ! Hope you guys get to stick around for mutch longer !!

  • Chicago PD is fun

    I will say as a veteran police officer of 12 years that Chicago PD is fun fantasy. With Voight and the others locking people in "the cage" and then beating confessions out of them. That just doesn't happen! Although it is still fun to watch. The characters are just eclectic enough to be believable and just as fun to watch. I love the interaction with all of the characters but my favorite is the interactions between Burgess and Platt.

    Obviously Lindsey (Sophia Bush) is sometimes over the top but there are usually a couple on Dick Wolf's shows that always are, example Benson and Stabler on SVU, Gabby on Chicago Fire, Abbie Carmichael from Law and Order, Etc these characters always take everything personally and go way over the top.

    All in all it is a fun show and I enjoy it.
  • Editing

    Debts of the cops out on a has leather moves to other characters and when we next see the two on stakeout they have cloth seats.

    Always enjoy the show...
  • Great Show, Waiting for season 3!

    Its one of the best Cop Shows they got on tv now! And with Sophia Bush in it, it becomes absolutely unmissable :) I really like the way the involve uniform cops as well in the main story line, instead of only focusing on the detectives! not many shows do that's a fresh change.

    Apart from Erin Lindsay ,Voight, Antonio and Jay are a absolute pleasure to watch.

    However the story line of Adam n Burgess's relationship doesn't really seem interesting. They should focus more on the emotional attachment between Jay and Lindsay!
  • Love the show, Can't wait for the new season.

    fantastic show i love the cast and crew and enjoy the episodes find the funny and enjoyable thumbs up.
  • Underrated

    Whilst this may not be the best show ever, Chicago PD is still a pretty good cop drama and one of the better ones. The characters are fun and the more emotional moments of the series are pulled off effectively. It also isn't afraid to kill off its major characters as well, even if they might not drop as often as they do on say, Game of Thrones, there are a few deaths here and there.

    You could do with a far worse police procedural than Chicago PD and I love how it ties into Dick Wolf's other shows (I don't watch them on a regular basis, but I like the idea of multiple shows sharing the same universe), and the crossover episodes are normally the strongest ones.
  • Chicago best show ever

    I love this show....
  • Chicago PD - The best!

    Chicago PD is by far the best show on . NEW creative shows each week - believable characters - great actors - suspenseful - LOVE this show!
  • Another Great Cop Show

    I personally think it is a great show and would recommend it to anyone who asked. I don't know why people don't like the show. The characters have great back stories that make you want to watch the show and they have interesting cases. I'll watch it till the end.
  • Are We Watching the Same

    I've read some of the comments here, and am confused. Are we watching the same show? I've been watching this show since the first episode and am planning to watch it until it ends, unless the writers/producers/directors/PTB do something stupid and change things too much.

    There has been several comments about the characters' voices, especially Sophia Bush's(det. Erin Lindsey). What?? I don't think she's trying to be 'sexy'. It's her voice. And, as for Jason Beghe's (sgt. Hank Voight), that's his real voice also. I've seen both on other shows and their voices sounded the same as on CPD! Wow, folks! If that's all you have to fuss about, more's the pity.

    Now, as for this being another cop I respectfully disagree. I like the way the detectives and uniform police interact with each other, and how they're often crossed over with CFD! That helps to make both shows more interesting and fun to watch.

    I also disagree, again respectfully, about the characters being unbelievable and the acting being difficult to watch. I think all of them do a very good job and make it believable and interesting. I love that Desk Sgt. Trudy Platt is married (on the show) to one of the firemen on CFD. I enjoy the cross-overs.

    This particular episode was very emotional, with finding out what happens with officer Burgess after she got shot in the last episode before the hiatus, the pending departure of detective Lindsey, and the 'coming out' of Halstead and Burgess's affair. It seems a lot more people knew about the affair than was previously suspected.

    I really hate to think that detective Lindsey will be leaving the show, but do hope she'll make some guest appearances from time to time. Maybe they're working on another spin-off with her in lead? Hmmm....
  • Just another cop show

    This is just another cop show with nothing new to add to the landscape. The fact that they have to do crossover with already established shows is a clear indication that they need help to build and audience. The acting is Eh and some characters are totally unbelievable. i just can't see Sophia Bush acting like a badass it does not fit her and her acting is difficult to watch, not to mention her voice and the other lead guys voice is like finger nails on a chalk board!
  • Strong show

    Very well written, acted, filmed, with a valid point: to solve big crimes police cannot stay inside the box of rules. After all, criminals don't play by them. The problem of course, is finding policemen who would be bad cops but within human boundaries, and not for a selfish reason.

    I don't often see a cop series where characters have sufficient space to develop, like this one. And the actors do a brilliant job!
  • Tired of watching closed captioning

    The comments regarding the sound, so true. I have to either watch it with closed captioning or play every other scene back. And while many think some of the raspy, I'm barely breathing voices are sexy, they sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, especially Sophia. If you aren't going to have good sound editing, then at least have actors that open their mouths to talk. Ruins a good show when it can barely be watched.
  • My sexy older white guy

    I love this show. My favorite person on the show is Hank Voight. He's the reason I watch. Let's not leave out his sexy voice. When I was younger, I'm 41 now he played on this football show.
  • Gritty -- best one-word description

    More than any other network cop show, this one gives a true picture of what it means to bust a door on bad guys. Also, sometimes those get away when they run.

    I, too, was sucked in by the SVU Crossover episode; and the appearance by Sophia on Late Night.

    But the pedigree on this is righteous -- same as all the Law & Order franchisees.

    Production values are superb. Where do they get those overhead shots? Wow!

    NBC -- Please keep these coming!
  • Some series to see when you are waiting

    it's not a great show but it's not bad, it's the kind of series we watch when we are waiting for our favorite serie.

    The serie have some lack's, but in general brings a solid story, with some good roles, but something is missing, the sound it's not great and that don't help in the final review.

    But like i said it's the kind of series you will always be watching like the second one.
  • MARCH 5, 2014

    Love the show, however if the volume of that weird music is not lower or eliminated, I will find and other programe to watch on a Wednesday nite at 10pm. That is the most annoying music and the volume is soo loud that you cannot hear the characters talk.
  • Civil rights?

    I only watched the SVU crossover episode. I know most cops in American TV shows seem to think they are above the law and that suspects have no rights but police torture again, really?
  • Beautiful People Cheapen A Show

    When are the networks going to learn that when they stick a bunch of 'Beautiful People' on a show it makes the show seem so unbelievable. I was looking so forward to this show and then I couldn't even get through the first episode as the 'Beautiful People' just kept rolling in. I am sorry if this sounds harsh but I cannot take a bunch of 20 something year old beauty pageant rejects seriously when they are trying to be a tough as nails street wise gal from the mean streets of Chicago. Give me a break! And don't even get me started on the guys. to the guy who tried to compare this piece of crap to 'The Shield' give your head a shake!
  • Jason Beghe, fix your voice!!!!

    Jason Beghe's voice. Oh my god whyyyyy! It sounds awful. Fire him and then I'll watch the show
  • It just might be too good for its own good.

    Remember "Chicago Code" from 2011? It was a darn good show -- exploring the dirty politics of the world's most corrupt city, the city that gave us Al Capone, Mayor Daley, and of course Barack Obama. It was cancelled because it got way too close to the truth and was making certain well connected pols uncomfortable. The same thing might happen here --- too much "truth" about Chicago violence, cops skirting the law, and dirty politicians --- Mayor Emanuel ( buddy ) might just make a phone call, and pfffft! No more show. So don't get attached.
  • Too soon for a 10

    Thumbs up to the show, great rhythm, high quality cast and I like the fact that might be the chance to see characters from Chicago Fire from time to time waiting for a big mix in the next episodes.

    I considered Detective Jules as a potential interesting character but they already made this too soon.
  • The Shield

    I agree with marlonjones. This show reminded me of The Shield. It's exciting, already had it's share of shock-moments and has a great cast.

    Since I already been watching Chicago Fire this is even more fun as I now can see the things happening from the cops' view and ofcourse just see regular character from both sides which I always love to see. Like with ER and Third Watch, although sadly only 2 cross episodes were made if I remember correctly. And ofcourse some other shows too.
  • Heading into "The Shield" territory?

    Ok, that is kind of impossible, but it popped into my head quite a few times and remembering the pilot of The Shield, this show excited and entertained me just the same. I got a feeling this is going to be a great show nonetheless, if not the next best thing to The Shield. The entire cast is fantastic and there is no shortage of suspense or wow-moments i'm hooked! I seriously hope there's an audience that will keep this on the air for many seasons to come!