Chicago P.D.

Season 2 Episode 23

Born Into Bad News

Full Episode: Born Into Bad News


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In the Season 2 finale, Commander Perry asks Voight and the team to rescue his cop-nephew from a corrupt squad of officers that robs drug dealers. In other events, Lindsay struggles to maintain her sobriety; and a woman from Olinsky's past contacts him.

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May 28, 2015
Really, disappointed in Erin right now. She's gone to a dark place, even after being warned about the so called "banana peel" she managed to slip. Seriously hating her mother, its almost like she actually wants the worst for her daughter, seems to enjoy seeing her in pain. It's really messed up. I just hope Erin can pull it together next season, hope this doesn't turn into some hiatus for Sophia Bush, because I really love watching her play this character. Great fit, great character, would hate to see her go. I'd probably stop watching.

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