Chicago Story

NBC (ended 1982)


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  • Third Watch BEFORE Third Watch!

    This was set in Chicago and followed how police, doctors, and lawyers affected folks lives.

    The cast was dynamite! A pre-HILL STREET BLUES Dennis Franz, gorgeous Maud Adams, intense Kristoffer Tabori, Craig T. Nelson, Richard Lawson, Daniel Hugh Kelly,pre-FRASIER John Mahoney,and the explosive Vincent Baggetta; it was jam-packed with Chicago-based talent and stars-to-be! Even AMERICAN PIE's Molly Cheek was a featured actor here!

    Amazingly, this wasn't a Steven Bochco joint nor a Steven J. Cannell joint. (What? SJC could do serious when he wanted!) It may have even been MTM produced (I believe I remember the kitten had a cop's hat tip over an eye during the closing logo!) Maybe because of the cyclical nature of American primetime, maybe because the producers WEREN'T Big Names, this sturdy, steady show about hard-working public servants lasted about a season or so.

    If you love Chicago and can catch this somewhere, watch it! If you love procedural shows or big ensemble shows (like THIRD WATCH, HOMICIDE:LIFE ON THE STREET), catch it!