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NBC (ended 1978)


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    Is there any dvds for this show?
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    When I was a child I remember, I used to watch Chico and the Man for it was one of my fave TV show from the 70s. Jack Albertson and Freddie Prinze has the best chemistry on screen that’s why there’s no doubt that this show was admired by a lot of viewers all around America. This also the main reason why I always love Friday nights because watching this show is kinda addictive. It’s an awesome sitcom that shows the importance of friendship with a good sense of humor from all episodes. It was a dark moment when fans of this show found out about Freddie unwanted and tragic death. He committed suicide at a very young age; I guess he’s just 22 back then. I won’t elaborate more on that part. This TV series is one of his biggest appearances on television and it reminds me how great actor he was. I admit that after so many years, I’m still watching it from the DVD collection I bought from yourdvdcorner . com. Having my own collection from the whole 4 seasons of this show brings back the good laughs and it’s nice to see Jack and Freddie on screen once more. Great series.
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