Chico and the Man

NBC (ended 1978)





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  • A diamond in the rough! Jack Albertson and Freddie Prinze make a dynamic duo of polar opposites tearing down cultural barriers to eventually warm up to each other. While it is a recurring sitcom, the show progresses over its tenure. See for yourself!

    I would have to put this show among my personal favorites as well as put it in the top ten most underrated show list. Jack Albertson (Grandpa Joe to all you Willy Wonka fans) as Ed Brown and Freddie Prinze as Chico Rodriguez make the most unlikely pair of characters yet they work together to put on a great show that is still funny now as it was then. The "single stage" technique (using only a single set for most shows--ala Barney Miller) allows for the characters to explain themselves and the outside world and leaves much for the imagination (while at the same time saving the show's budget). I cannot think of many television shows in the 1970's that portray the urban Hispanic community in such a realistic manor while at the same time sending up stereotypes as icebreakers to cold bigoted hearts (ala All in the Family). By highlighting back-stories of many characters, both main and guest (The Cesar Romero episode is especially touching), the audience is treated to episodes that are both funny and serious. This show deserves more attention, and if more people knew about it they probably would get into it much like myself (I found it watching a weekend-long TV Land marathon years ago). It's a show you can even watch while being "half in the bag" (Just like Ed Brown is most of the time--the show's running joke) because the show moves at the pace one could expect from a 70's sitcom (not much deep thinking involved). I at least wish it could be on TV in reruns if the "powers that be" are unwilling to put it on full-season DVD sets (It might be on a local TV network somewhere but I haven't seen it on a national cable network for years).