Season 1 Episode 12

Willie Munn

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1969 on BBC

Episode Recap

This episode begins by following greengrocer Mr Clamp to Cresswell's Chigley Biscuit Factory, where he delivers the fruit & veg for the canteen.

While the produce is being unloaded, Mr Cresswell tells him that his nephew Willie Munn, who works at the factory as a biscuit stamper is considered to be a daydreamer. Mr Clamp tells Mr Cresswell that Willie loves cars and is good at driving. As luck would have it, a replacement van driver is suddenly required, so they task Willie with covering his role. Willie has instructions to fill the van up with petrol at Mr. Crockett's garage and then deliver biscuits first to Camberwick Green Post Office and Winstead Hall. Unfortunately, Willie forgets his first instruction and runs out of petrol on the way to Winkstead Hall. So the biscuit factory does not find out what has happened on the first day at his new job, he calls Lord Belborough, who kindly comes to the rescue on Bessie, bringing some much needed petrol. The peer takes delivery of his biscuits and they all go off to the 6 O'Clock dance.