Childhood's End

Syfy (Mini-Series 2015)


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This miniseries is based on the 1953 Science Fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke and tells the story of the evolution of human consciousness and the demise of humanity itself.

Mysterious aliens invade earth bringing peace and prosperity in exchange for their rule and remaining unseen. While many humans are very satisfied with this arrangement, wary humans demand to see the invaders, called Overlords. The Overlords agree to reveal themselves in fifty years.

The reveal event has all of the earth spellbound, but fascination turns to horror and dismay when it is seen that the Overlords resemble demons or the Devil. Despite their appearance, the Overlords seemingly remain benevolent and generous. The Overlords now require that no more children be born, requiring sterilization of the humans.

Many of the children begin exhibiting psychic abilities and draw the interest of the Overlords who reveal their reason for invading Earth. They announce that all children ten and under would be segregated so they can be prepared to join the Overmind (god/creator force/universal consciousness). The remaining humans having been sterilized remain childless.

One human, Jan, manages to stow away on the Overlords' ship and travel to their home planet. He returns to earth 8 years later to find only the segregated children still alive, though not resembling humans in any way. The children eventually vanish, joining the Overmind. The Overlords offer Jan an opportunity to join them. He chooses to remain on earth to document the end of humanity's childhood.



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