Children of Dune

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 2003 on Syfy
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Episode 3
As Alia becomes totally posessed she also has to deal with rebel Fremen. Ghanima, who survived the attack on her planned by House Corrino, is engaged to Farad'n Corrino and a marriage is planned for the near future. Then, unexpectedly, Leto II returns out of the desert. Everyone believed he was dead, but it was just a staged death. While in the desert his body has absorbed a few sandtrout, which means that, in time, he could turn into a sandworm and live for hundreds of years. Alia resists posession by the baron while Irulan declines Jessica's offer to return with her to Caladan, saying that she will be needed by the children.moreless

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      • Ghanima: He runs and runs and runs. And when he's exhausted himself, he returns to me, puts his head in my lap and asks me to help him find a way to die.
        Farad'n Corrino: But why does he want to die?
        Ghanima: To save himself from the sacrifices he must make, sacrifices for the future of us all
        Farad'n Corrino: Then there is a place for me in this future?
        Ghanima: Your blood was spared the day Leto came back to me.
        Farad'n Corrino: What of our marriage then?
        Ghanima: As my mother was not wife, you shall never be husband.
        Farad'n Corrino: Politics.
        Ghanima: Politics. But in time, there my be love, which is more than my brother will have.
        (Ghani looks out into the desert)
        Ghanima: One of us had to accept the agony. He was always the stronger.

      • Alia: Help me, Mother.
        Leto (sets a knife down in front of Alia): Help yourself.

      • Leto: I am Leto, Lion of Atreides, returned from the desert to announce Secher Nbiw - The Golden path, to rid humanity of the perversions done in Muad'dib's name and to save it from the abomination know as Alia!

      • Ghanima: History is written on the sands of Arrakis. A chapter has ended, swept away by the whirlwind. One door has closed but another has opened and on the other side... our future.

      • Wensicia: You insolent bastard!
        Farad'n: Let's not discuss your weaknesses now, mother.

      • Duncan Idaho: Two deaths for the Atreides. The second one for no better reason than the first.

      • Wensicia: Worse things could happen than an alliance between old enemies. You son was clever enough to see its potential once. Surely you can see the need for it now.

      • Leto II: I have survived the crucible, Sabiha. I have silenced the voices within who would have possessed me. Only I remain now, to do what I must do.

      • Leto II: My skin is not my own.
        Paul: The Golden Path is dangerous, son. It's the choice I couldn't take. The desert storm that cannot be stopped. You will become that storm, my son. The whirlwind, and nothing will be able to stop you.

      • Ghanima: May the wind strip the flesh from your bones.

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