Children of the Stones

ITV (ended 1977)


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Children of the Stones

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This seven-episode sci-fi series, produced in 1976 by Harlech Television, is about a scientist and his son who investigate the psychic forces controlling a small English village, which is surrounded by a circle of giant Neolithic stones. The story was suggested by the real-life village of Avebury, Wiltshire, England, where the series was filmed.
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  • Brilliant

    Missed it when it first came out, only saw it for the first time 10 years ago aged about 30 and it was terrifying then!

    Mourning the dumbing down of kids TV and TV in general? Can recommend this show to children and adults alike.

    The 70s fashion is scary in a different way but the beauty of a well-written story like this is that fashion and special effects are easily overlooked.

    Featuring Gareth Thomas as Brake (a year before he became Roj Blake in Blake's 7), and the late great character actor Iain Cuthbertson as Hendrick - great performances all round.

    An instant favouritemoreless
  • One of the scariest and fondly remembered childrens TV series of the 1970's with a story that has stood the test of time.

    Often described as a “horror movie for kids” Children of the Stones manages to be one of the few children’s TV series that can honestly appeal to the whole family. The script is complex yet understandable, the characters are likeable and identifiably real, and despite being seven episodes long it never becomes boring or repetitive. In fact the story itself still stands up today, only the dated 70’s fashions and occasional budget restrictions belie its age.

    From the moment father and son, Adam and Matthew Brake, arrive in the village of Milbury to survey its standing stones an air of menace is prevalent and sustained throughout the whole series. The villagers are all strangely happy with the exception of a few newcomers but gradually one by one the people around them begin to change too. They soon find out that leaving Milbury is not as easy as they thought.

    Children is a classic tale of paranoia and the fear of losing your identity. Surprisingly for such a fantastical story a lot of the tale’s plot points are woven around real facts i.e. the barber surgeon crushed by the stone.

    I cannot recommend this enough. If you can ignore the fashions and accept that it was made in the 70’s so its not going to be as slick and glossy as a lot of modern fantasy then you are in for a treat. A solid, engaging, creepy story that is compelling from start to finish.moreless