Childrens Hospital

Thursday 12:00 AM on Adult Swim Premiered Aug 22, 2010 In Season





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  • Highly amusing

    Plenty of wtf and nonsensical moments. A diverse and rotating cast quite helps. Hopefully it doesn't lose that.

    3 seasons (2011) UTube
  • i want to like this show but just something about it.....

    i catch bits and pieces of this show here and there but i cant bring myself to willingly watch it. it seems good but it also seems so meta it hurts. Its clearly a mock of ER, House, ect but it feels like it takes itself so seriously and tries too hard to hammer the joke. Also for some reason Henry winkler is in this. get it? its funny because he stars in royal pains, another medical show. subtlety thy name is Childrens hospital.
  • Meh..

    Never watched it really, it just looks so weird and amateur made, like an unknown show that nobody has ever heard about. Never watched it, only once and I didn't get the jokes but some were funny, I applaud you.
  • Ok just Chill(dren) out dudes

    Wow this show seems to polarise people! I like it, it is subversive, clever, and yes, at times juvenile, but come on, we all need a little silly in our lives. And that is what it is, and I hope aspires to be itself. It is not earth shattering in its intent, it wants to be fun. Funtastic , not necessarily didactic. Ohh, there a politcal slogan in there somehwere. Ah well, each to their own. Have a great day guys.

    PS I would totally watch Sprubs :-)
  • One of the worst

    This show is terrible! Everything about the show is terrible and the most terrible thing is the jokes.
  • its stupied

    this show just sucks its not funny it just sick. its a cheap copy off of scrubs the plots and jokes are terrible the characters are annoying. adult swim is going downhill all of the newer shows suck there not funny there just sick family guy and south park are sick, crude and stupied but there also funny and have original plots and charaters. lately ive been watching comedy central that network has good shows, stand up comedians, movies, the newer shows like tosh.o on the channel are good and funny. i hope adult swim gets better and stops takeing in all these pathetic shows.
  • oh how funny you are (and don't you know it)

    OK the show is funny. Yes, it is a parody of every medical show ever made and the insane doctors in them. Actually - mostly Grey's Anatomy gets spoofed. But there is a feeling that the writers are trying too hard, stretching the funny with exaggerated characters and situations. And the voice-overs!
    But it is funny, especially to someone who used to like the aforementioned Grey's and now is kind of meh about it.
    Its like a living cartoon, and it is populated with cartoonish people. Sort of like Scrubs on speed. Actually, I would watch that. It could be called "Sprubs".
  • Oh god.


    Oh god.The storyline centers on the staff of Childrens Hospital, named after a doctor named Arthur Childrens. The hospital sporadically (and usually without reason) is mentioned as being located within Brazil, despite making virtually no effort to conceal that the series is shot in Los Angeles, California. Corddry is part of an ensemble cast portraying the hospital's doctors. CHARACTERS

    Dr. Blake Downs(Rob Corddry)– he does his job while wearing clown makeup and surgical scrubs painted red in order to appear bloody. He believes in "the healing power of laughter," instead of medicine. The character's outlook on medicine seems to parodyRobin Williams' character in the filmPatch Adams.His frightening clown makeup often scares the child patients, ironically very similar to the style of "Pogo the Clown,"serial killerJohn Wayne Gacy.
    Dr. Cat Black(Lake Bell)– ex-girlfriend of Glenn Richie who has a thing for her roommate Lola Spratt. Things became awkward between her and Lola after Cat accidentally sneezed on Lola when making a sexual advance on her. She narrates the show, wandering through the hospital, thinking faux-deep thoughts like the characters onScrubsandGrey's Anatomy. Cat begins dating Little Nicky (Nick Kroll), a six year old boy with advanced aging disease, and she dies giving birth to his child. In "The Sultan's Finger," however, it is revealed she didn't die, but somehow lost all her previous medical knowledge. She then regains it, and rejoins the main cast.
    Dr. Glenn Richie(Ken Marino)– a Jewish doctor and ex-boyfriend of Cat Black. Frequently wears ayarmulke. Dr. Richie first appeared inThe Ten, which also starred Corddry and was directed by producerDavid Wain.
    Dr. Owen Maestro(Rob Huebel)– a dim-witted doctor and Lola Spratt's ex-boyfriend. He's a former New York cop who left the force after9/11. His former police partner Briggs is constantly trying to convince him to come back to the force.
    The Chief(Megan Mullally)– the crippled head of the hospital's staff who uses awalker. The male staff members at the hospital often make remarks about their sexual attraction to her. She is a parody ofDr. Kerry WeaverofERand Dr. Gregory House fromHouse. She has a crush on Sy Mittleman but she publicly acts like she hates him so that the staff thinks she's on their side in the struggle against him. In a Season 2 episode,Lizzy Caplanplays The Chief's daughter, who owns her own real estate business.
    Dr. Lola Spratt(Erinn Hayes)– Cat's roommate and Owen Maestro's ex-girlfriend. Cat is obsessed with her. Lola broke up with Owen by pretending she had a tumor, but he began to believe she was serious. Lola faked her death at the end of season 1 because she broke down after getting too many e-mails. She reappears at the hospital in season 2, but no one understands when she explains she faked her death and they all think she is a ghost. When she finally proves she's not a ghost, she reveals she's a gifted ventriloquist, having pretended to die on the operating table by using a long hum simulating a flat-line sound.
    Dr. Valerie Flame(Malin Åkerman)– (Seasons 2–3), replaces Cat after her death in the second episode of season 2, taking over the duties of narrating the show.
    Sy Mittleman(Henry Winkler)– (Seasons 2–3), is the administrator. He runs the insurance company that owns the hospital. He collects butterflies and seems to have a sexual obsession with them. He is the object of much scorn from the staff. Mittleman frequently has to resist The Chief's come-ons. He is happily married with children and has no desire to begin a sexual relationship with her, but he eventually gives in to her advances in the episode "Hot Enough for You?"

    Listen this has potential. Good writing, outstanding actors and a director I highly respect. There is only one aspect of the show but its a big one. The show is a comedy about sick and dying children for gods sake. Its one of those shows when theres a funny joke and you want to laugh but your mind says "no thats wrong". I coudn't bring myself to laugh at this show whether it was funny or not