Childrens Hospital - Season 2

Thursday 12:00 AM on Adult Swim Premiered Aug 22, 2010 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Sultan's Finger
    Episode 12
    In a special "live" episode, the staff puts all their energies into the reattachment of a visiting sultan's severed digit. Plus, a twist ending!
  • 10/31/10
    Owen tries to hide the fact that a 10 year old beats him before work every day.
  • Show Me on Montana
    Episode 10
    On Take Your Daughter to Work Day, Chief coddles her adult offspring and runs afoul of her peculiar boyfriend; Dr. Richie's sabbath-observing daughter finds herself in a medical dilemma; Drs. Flame and Maestro bicker over a preteen hermaphrodite.
  • 10/17/10
    Glenn competes for Valerie's affections with the hospital's new Jewish chaplain; Owen and Detective Briggs reminisce during a prostate exam; Sy is forced to make another unpopular decision.
  • 10/10/10
    Childrens' Hospital loses its AC on a 100-degree day and the doctors struggle to cope with the heat; Dr. Ritchie continues to be harassed for his cancer cure.
  • Dr. Glenn Ritchie receives a visit from the man who wants him to stop pursuing a cure for cancer; Valerie meets a preteen girl that can read minds; Dr. Maestro and the new interns are baffled by a boy with a knife injury.
  • 9/26/10
    As a satirical tribute to 60 Minutes, "NewsReaders with Louis La Fonda" reports on the 15 year long medical drama, "Childrens Hospital." The segment interviews the cast and crew during the filming of the last episode ("Goodbye, Farewell, and Goodbye") of this ground breaking prime time television series. The episode ends with a very unexpected twist, you've just got to see.moreless
  • Joke Overload
    Episode 5
    A sociological debate rages when a surly white teenager and a proud, elderly black man are impaled together on a metal rod; a lonely Lola finds companionship in two Trekkers; comedian Jeffrey Ross visits the hospital.
  • 9/12/10
    Blake's long-lost brother comes to Childrens' Hospital and claims that he needs $15,000 a surgery to save his life; Owen accuses a local mascot of beating kids; the hospital is converted into a youth hostel.
  • 9/5/10
    On Halloween, Valerie helps Owen flatline to communicate with Lola "from beyond the grave," but accidentally time-travels instead; the staff is overwhelmed by a deluge of injured sorority girls; the Chief is stalked by a mysterious man.
  • 8/29/10
    Kat's pregnancy faces several unexpected complications; Lola finally admits to faking her death, but nobody believes she's still alive; Blake returns as Dr. Valerie Flame introduces herself to the staff.
  • 8/22/10
    Cat juggles her memories of Lola with conceiving Little Nicky's baby; the new hospital owner is welcomed with less than open arms; Glenn unwittingly discovers a potential cure for cancer; Blake's spinoff show crashes and burns.