Chilly Beach

Wednesday 5:30 PM on CBC Premiered Sep 03, 2003 In Season


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  • This is a really great show!

    This is a great animated comedy series. Although this show isn't realistic to have a town built on an iceberg, it's still worth it to watch, because this show is pretty funny, and some parts are hilarious. I liked this show because the characters in this show have their own type of behaviour, and most charaters' behaviour is totally hilarious, for example, Dale is ridiculously stupid and immature (you can tell by watching just ONE episode!) There's many other characteristics about the characters, such as Jacques, speaking with a heavy French accent, and April, being totally frieddly to nature but totally mean to most men. This show is worth watching because of the humour oft he characters.
  • The show is nothing but Sh*t

    I turn the Tv on, flip the channel. Watch it for a bit and boom! One of the worst Canadian cartoons that deserve to die. The charaters are nothing but rip-offs from other shows. The story lines are well,garbage. I don't know what to say man. Unless they get some new writers then this show still sucks. Might as well pour maples syrup down your pants because this is what the show is really telling you to do. Or better yet punch the Tv the next time it comes on.

    Now a days most Canadian humor consist of fart jokes and evading the censors.
  • pretty good, considering its just a flash

    Like I said, it's a pretty good show overall, especially since it was just started as a hobby on the internet, branching out onto public television is a pretty major feat. Its mildly funny and sometimes generally comedic, but nowhere near the likes of The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama and Family Guy. But then again, its probably not intended to stand as a rival to those shows.
  • Canada's answer to the Simpsons

    Very enjoyable cartoon series. Not laugh-out-loud funny but an understated and subtle humour.

    While it is marketed as a youth audience, the humour is adult. The characters and plots of well developed and play on stereotypes of how Canadians live, while throwing a monkey wrench into some of them (like a Mountie in Red Serge who is a Sikh).

    It is definitely a fun way to spend a half hour.

  • This is a pretty good show. But it's just not that funny. Get some more writers for pete sake!

    I'm a big fan of animated comedy shows. Like "The Simpsons," "Family Guy," and best of all, "Home Movies." But, unfortunetly, this is the worst of all those shows. But that isn't that bad. Actually. Everything's about this show is great, the graphics, the music, the characters, the plotlines. But it's just not that funny. The funniest line from this show would have to be "It's Good To Be Alive" Which is simply hilarious in context.
    And I'm American. So the whole "Bitchy American Girl" idea doesn't really work for me.
  • Great show,unexpected material from my fellow canadian man.

    This is one great show, it has quiet a good and goofy plot every episode, its satisfying humor is a good way to waste some sense less afternoon hours. It also illustrates alot about canadian culture,like poutine, hockey, and most importantly canadian beer. So I would have to declare this as a must see show.
  • The adventures of two Canadians, who live on a resort called Chilly Beach. They play hockey, drink beer, and they spend time at their friends restaurant and eat poutine.

    This show can be very funny. It's like the Simpsons, in Canada. They often make jokes about how Americans see Canadians, and some of how Canadians see Americans. These can be quite funny.

    This show is funny, because of a lot of it's personalities. They have the two friends, Dale and Frank. They have the Owner at the local restaurant, an ex-hockey player who is native to Quebec, and who is hard to understand when he speaks. The have the cook at the restaurant, a buff for animal rights. They have a talking polar bear with a pet peinguin. There is also much more.

    A lot of the jokes are stupid stuff that are hilarious. That is the kind of humour that is featured in shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons.

    The animation is allright, I don't really know about art that much so that's not a topic I should discuss.

    The overall content can be really funny, but it wasn't as good this season as the last.
  • Two canadian guys enjoy life on a failed tourist resort which resides on a giant iceberg. Crazy hijinks ensue as the two get into many crazy adventures involving things such as an unaired episode of the beachcombers to the texans residing in the U.S. emb

    This show is seriously great it is really good and hilarious, even by canadian TV standards (which are pretty high) I especially love how there are so many streotypes, which in the end show us a little bit about sterotypes. Such as the texan conservatives residing in the U.S. Embassy. ANyways I really reccommend Chilly Beach to anyone.