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China Beach was a popular show that aired from April 26, 1988 to July 22, 1991. The show was about a group of nurses just trying to do their jobs in Vietnam. The theme for the series was "Reflections", a hit from 1968 by Diana Ross and the Supremes.


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    • Great series

      I always loved watching China Beach. And hope to see again soon.
    • What I know!!

      This is one the best series that I have watched growing up. The drama and the action, everything one could want in a television series in one package and more. Not to mention the acting, simply the best. I dont think that this show could be copied. I simply can not wait until China Beach returns to us on dvd. Even though quite an old show, its storyline and acting was and is way beyond it's years. The beginning where the young lady gets offered to eat the dog and will and always remain a classic in my mind.moreless
    • China Beach was one of the few shows about the Vietnam War experience that ever got it right!

      This series was one of the only few media treatments of the Vietnamese War that ever got the heartbreaking truth about that whole episode in U.S. history correct. The horrors of war and the psychological ramifications on those involved is never presented in a more clear and concise manner than on the series China Beach. The character of Colleen McMurphy,as portrayed by Dana Delany,was magnificent. Delany,in her characterization of McMurphy,generated an on screen enigmatic pathos that left a feeling of the utter dispair that those in the reality of the war must have endured. Jeff Kober, as Evan"Dodger"Winslow, was equally charismatic. While McMurphy brought the female perspective of the army nurse to the series,Kober,in the role of "Dodger", represented the soldier that was fighting in a war that he didn't understand and against an enemy that was more than just the Vietnamese. The pain and torment suffered by "Dodger",as so amazingly played by Kober,left no doubt as to the emotions of others that were in his place in the real Vietnam. China Beach had a short run of only four saesons,but left a mark on the dramatic television genre that is not soon to be forgotten. It is advisable to anyone looking for visual media on the Vietnam War to view this series. I is a true winner in all regards.moreless
    • I loved this show for the most part, but toward the end it seemed to change and I watched it less.

      This show came out and I loved it - although originally I felt I was watching a raunchier version of M*A*S*H. It did capture a lot of the magic of M*A*S*H but I would not say it copied it or was a knock-off. Somewhere along the line it did change and I found less interested in watching it and although I enjoyed the finale I did feel it was time for the show to end.

      I liked Marg Helgenberger’s character, I do think the character KC became too much of the show and would have enjoyed storylines about other character’s more.moreless
    • What an aewsome show

      By the time this show premiered, America was ready to throw off the shame that had shackled it about the war. Because of my age, I could be objective enough to realize the Vietnam vets had been screwed. We, as a country, were ready to see the good and bad about the war, without hearing those stupid "Hey, hey lbj, how many kids did you kill today". I'm not a war protester fan.moreless

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