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China Beach

Season 1 Episode 2

China Beach (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1988 on ABC
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Episode Summary

China Beach (2)
McMurphy decides that she can't leave China Beach even though she is eligible to go home. Cherry and Laurette arrive- Cherry to look for her brother whom her family lost contact with and Laurette as a USO back up singer who gets promoted to lead when the lead singer can't cope with the war.moreless

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    James Cromwell

    James Cromwell

    Ambassador Weymouth

    Guest Star

    Christopher Allport

    Christopher Allport

    Mr. Endicott

    Guest Star

    Gail O'Grady

    Gail O'Grady

    Georgia Lee

    Guest Star

    Bobby Hosea

    Bobby Hosea

    Sweetness Elroy

    Recurring Role

    Jeff Kober

    Jeff Kober

    Dodger Winslow

    Recurring Role

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      • (Boonie arrives)
        Boonie: What else do you need?
        Laurette: How about too eggs easy over… a couple of Bloody Mary's.
        Boonie: That's affirm...
        McMurphy: How about a bath with bubbles?
        Boonie: Ahh, that's affirm!
        Laurette: And a king size water bed with sheets... real sheets.
        McMurphy: Real cotton. How about... how about just a little cease fire?
        Boonie: First three requests will take twenty minutes. The last will take a little longer.

      • (McMurphy and Laurette sit in the ruins of McMurphy's bombarded quarters)
        Laurette: Time to go back to the world. Then what?
        McMurphy: I'll stay...
        Laurette: What?! But you just said... you got those five brothers! A family that's larger than most cities in Kansas! Go home...

      • (Boonie leaves)
        McMurphy: I have an even bigger family here. I am home.
        Laurette: That's affirm.

      • Laurette: I could never do what you do.
        McMurphy: I saw you last night. You know in your heart that you made a difference. That's a good feeling. There is the loss and the guilt that comes from feeling good… but still there's the fact – you were there. He had a mother and a sister, girlfriend… and you were there. You gave him a home before he died so far away from it.

      • Laurette: Just one night. You'll love it – men everywhere! You won't believe what a huge dose of unadulterated male lust can do for your outlook on life.
        McMurphy: Ok. I'll do it.
        Laurette: Alright!
        McMurphy: On one condition.
        Laurette: What?
        McMurphy: I give you one night, you give me one night. I get up on the stage and help you - you come and help me on my last night.
        Laurette: Great, no problem! Piece of cake! Deal!
        McMurphy: Deal. Oh, and I'm not wearing one of those short dresses…
        Laurette: Sorry a deal's a deal! Boots too… (pauses) What do you do?
        McMurphy: You'll love it – men everywhere…

      • McMurphy: When are you leaving?
        Laurette: Everybody keeps asking me that…
        McMurphy: What else is there?

      • Boonie: When are you gonna retire?
        K.C.: When are you gonna get rich?
        Boonie: When are they gonna discover oil in China Beach?
        K.C.: Never.

      • Becket (to the corpses): You guys don't care about color do you? Black, white, brown… don't make no difference, does it? Yeah, 'ole grim old reaper. The first equal opportunity employer!

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