China Beach

ABC (ended 1991)





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  • China Beach was one of the few shows about the Vietnam War experience that ever got it right!

    This series was one of the only few media treatments of the Vietnamese War that ever got the heartbreaking truth about that whole episode in U.S. history correct. The horrors of war and the psychological ramifications on those involved is never presented in a more clear and concise manner than on the series China Beach. The character of Colleen McMurphy,as portrayed by Dana Delany,was magnificent. Delany,in her characterization of McMurphy,generated an on screen enigmatic pathos that left a feeling of the utter dispair that those in the reality of the war must have endured. Jeff Kober, as Evan"Dodger"Winslow, was equally charismatic. While McMurphy brought the female perspective of the army nurse to the series,Kober,in the role of "Dodger", represented the soldier that was fighting in a war that he didn't understand and against an enemy that was more than just the Vietnamese. The pain and torment suffered by "Dodger",as so amazingly played by Kober,left no doubt as to the emotions of others that were in his place in the real Vietnam. China Beach had a short run of only four saesons,but left a mark on the dramatic television genre that is not soon to be forgotten. It is advisable to anyone looking for visual media on the Vietnam War to view this series. I is a true winner in all regards.