China Beach

Season 1 Episode 6

Waiting For Beckett

Aired Unknown May 18, 1988 on ABC
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Waiting For Beckett
Cherry is taken in by a deserter who claims to know her brother, and who is pursued by a determined office from the CID. Laurette and Boonie try to help a stressed out Beckett get some sleep.

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    • C.I.D.: I read eyes.
      K.C.: Oh, well, I guess I should have worn my dark glasses.

    • Lila: See that guy over there? He's a C.I.D. Looking for deserters.
      Boonie: He freaked Beckett. Told him black guys never desert.
      McMurphy: Is that true? How come?
      Kim: They get killed first.

    • (Beckett is looking depressed)
      McMurphy: What's going on? Hey c'mon you know sometimes when things are rough it helps to just talk.
      Beckett: It does?
      McMurphy: Sure.
      Beckett: How?
      McMurphy: Well, for instance: today hasn't been that great of a day for me, right? And if I just carried it around not get it off my shoulders than tomorrow I'll wake up and it'll be worse. You know, like, Natch will still be gone… and I'll wonder for how long… I... I'll worry about him all day… wonder why I put him off for so long… and that day will go by, all the wounded men, men I don't know… so young so damaged, so much pain… away from people who care about them or even know them. And there was this one man I…. did care about or could've maybe even…. Love… and didn't.
      Beckett (looking more depressed): Thanks for coming by Mc. M. it really helped.

    • Cherry: I need to buy a passport.
      K.C.: It's not that simple.
      Cherry: Nothing's simple here, is it?
      K.C.: You're learning. Too fast.

    • Laurette: What's the matter with these guys anyway?
      C.I.D.: They all crossed a line. They broke a bond. Now they can't be trusted. You see, now they'd do anything. They'd drag anybody down who tries to help them. Drag them straight to hell.
      Beckett: I thought that's where we were.

    • C.I.D.: You work in graves, is that right, man? (Beckett nods) Anybody in wanting to buy an I.D.?
      Beckett: No sir, but you wanna ask some of the men.

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