China, IL

Sunday 11:30 PM on Adult Swim Premiered Oct 02, 2011 Between Seasons



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  • how do you not see how clever this show is?

    how anyone can rate this less then 10 is beyond me.
  • Equal parts PCU and Superjail!


    Finally, college is depicted the way it should be. Insane parties, very little classes and extremely dangerous to all involved (except the professors of course).

    Brad Neely's two projects (Baby Cakes and The Professor Brothers) are combined here to make a superb animated program that deals with time-travel, the after-life, giant babies and cool pandas. Though episodes normally start in the world of reality, things often escalate to a dangerous panda-monium where anything can happen and anyone can die (very reminiscent of Superjail!).

    While the animation is very unique, the main selling point here is the great cast. Brad Neely's characters are hilarious, Hulk Hogan plays a frisky musclehead Dean, and cameos from people like Jason Alexander really give the show some credance.

    It's just the first season and China, IL is shaping up to being one of my favorite (current running) [adult swim] shows!

  • it's not really 1/10 bad, but yeah it sucks...


    This show's problem is that you can get what the writers are going for but it's just not funny. It takes a decent plot and set of characters and muddles it with unnatural dialogue that almost seems to spell out the humor rather than just letting it flow through it's absurdity. It just tries wayyyyy too hard and you can tell.

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