China Smith - Season 2

(ended 1955)


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Episode Guide

  • The Yellow Jade Lion
    A bank employees Smith to recover stolen gold shipments, which in turn, leads China to a Chinese painting and a ruthless pirate.
  • The Traveler From Tsing-Tao
    Just before the Communists took Tsing-Tao, a Russian woman escaped but went to ground. Six years later, her American husband hires Smith to try and find her.
  • The Tidewalker
    The Tidewalker
    Episode 24
    After contraband is found aboard a tramp steamer, Smith is hired by the ship's lovely owner to discover who put it there.
  • The Talons Of Tongking
    China decides to help out an exotic dancer try to find out what happened to her pet parrot, only the investigation sets him up as a target for murder.
  • The Tai-Ling Glaze
    The Tai-Ling Glaze
    Episode 22
    Smith must find a rare piece of Chinese pottery in order to save a young woman from death.
  • Spectacles Of Heaven
    The ruler of a small province in Thailand is almost blown up, so his wife hires China Smith to protect him.
  • The Sign Of The Scorpion
    Smith gets hired by a woman who is sure the stars have told her that her husband is about to die, and she wants him protected from his "fate".
  • The Sea Coffin
    The Sea Coffin
    Episode 19
    Smith contracts with a salvage tug boat to take a coffin out to sea for a burial, only he finds trouble waiting there for him.
  • The Proverbs Of Shen-Tze
    Smith's life is on the line as he races the clock to locate a stash of gold that a notorious gang leader wants.
  • Plane To Tainan
    Plane To Tainan
    Episode 17
    Smith risks his life to try and keep a plane from landing in Red China while he encounters intrigue and blackmail on the flight.
  • The Paper Dragon
    The Paper Dragon
    Episode 16
    A warehouse storing sugar is broken into, but nothing is taken, leading to Smith being hired to find out why and by who.
  • Nightmare In Green
    Nightmare In Green
    Episode 15
    Smith is abducted by the Nationalist Chinese underground and taken to Taiwan. There, he is asked to go back to Singapore to find a general who has details on what the Communists are planning.
  • The Night The Dragon Walked
    After an Englishman is brutally stabbed to death, China is employed to protect his frightened son, who is convinced he is next to die.
  • The Manchu Emeralds
    The Manchu Emeralds
    Episode 13
    A necklace made of emeralds is stolen from and actress and China Smith gets hired by and insurance company to recover the missing jewels.
  • Grave In Sumatra
    Grave In Sumatra
    Episode 12
    A man hires Smith to find the grave of an English war hero. Only Smith doesn't know the person who hired him IS that man.
  • Full Fathom Five
    Full Fathom Five
    Episode 11
    Smith is contracted to protect a string of perfect pearls from a criminal who is after them. But the owner is murdered and the pearls stolen anyway, forcing China to chase the thief to Hong Kong.
  • Forbidden Atoll
    Forbidden Atoll
    Episode 10
    Smith gets hired by a gorgeous woman to find her missing husband, who has knowledge of where a fortune is. But he also finds danger along the way.
  • Ferry To Kowloon
    Ferry To Kowloon
    Episode 9
    Smith suddenly finds himself chasing swindlers while attempting to convince a beautiful woman that she does not need to hide out.
  • Escort To Saigon
    Escort To Saigon
    Episode 8
    Smith is hired to escort a diplomatic courier to Saigon but soon becomes suspicious of the very person he's supposed to keep safe.
  • The Emperor's Teapot
    Smith races against the clock to prevent a forced marriage, a murder, and to deliver a teapot, which he doesn't know is actually a weapon.
  • Double Crosswinds
    Double Crosswinds
    Episode 6
    Smith is hired by a young American girl who attempts to keep her uncle's salvage business going even after his death, but murder is a passenger on this cruise too.
  • The Devil Chaser
    The Devil Chaser
    Episode 5
    Smith discovers a mute boy who is a refugee while trying to locate a missing Chinese servant who's life is in danger.
  • The Broken Rice Bowl Of Chen Lo
    Smith comes to the aid of a gorgeous young blind Chinese woman who has lost her seeing-eye dog.
  • Black Wings Of The Firebird
    Smith is asked by a young Chinese girl to find and protect a deaf mute who has knowledge of a hidden fortune in gold.
  • The Bible Of Mr Quaile
    Smith is hired to retrieve a copy of the Gutenberg Bible left behind in Indo-China during the war between France and the Viet Minh worth almost half a million dollars. But he soon finds out he's not the only one interested in the book.
  • A Bandit Of Malaya
    A Bandit Of Malaya
    Episode 1
    Smith parachutes into the Malayan jungle after a pilot is accused of stealing the payroll he was hired to drop to a rubber plantation.