Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 3 Episode 3

A Fly in the Ointment

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1990 on Disney Channel

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  • My favorite episode of the series.

    I have to say, this episode was very well written and alot of fun to watch. The plot, the character interaction, the climax... very enjoyable to say the least.

    Only slight problem I have with it and I do mean SLIGHT is the fact they AGAIN used the, "Zipper feels inadequate or not wanted, so he runs off and gets into conflict.

    However, unlike the others, I can forgive this one because at least their reasons were not without some merit. It is true Zipper is the smallest member and thus Chip wanting to use the others for the muscle was somewhat justified. Doesn't completely change the fact Chip used Zipper before to help, so why not now?

    But anyway, the real strength of this episode is what causes the conflict: Nimnul's latest invention: The motomotimizer, or something of that regard. It's a device where Nimnul can literally steal whatever he wants and then use the phone to dial back to his hideout without being detected. Talk about a genius invention. By far Nimnul's best one.

    The story then gets very interesting when Zipper wanting to prove his worth tries to stop Nimnul and inadvertently ends up switching bodies with him. Honestly, I found the whole thing pretty fascinating. Zipper not only gets Nimnul's body, but his head is swapped with it as well.

    Heh, no wonder people thought it was a monster or alien. Can you imagine a real fly's head on a human body the same size? It would DEFINITELY create a scene.

    The episode gets even better as once Zipper returns to Rangers HQ, so does Nimnul with Zipper's body. And thus, the only episode where Nimnul literally communicates with his worst enemies Heh, that definitely had to blow his mind a bit knowing he could now talk to rodents. Imagine if he could talk to Fat Cat too. Oh, that would be a hoot.

    Anyhow, the episode reaches its peak with the Rangers and Nimnul having no choice but to work together but to save Zipper and Nimnul's body from the military after they take him prisoner to be examined. And with it being sealed tight, how do they get in? Why, with Nimnul's device of course.

    And thus, one of the most interesting moments on the show happened: All the rangers swapped bodies to their horror. My only complaint with is was the fact it was very short lived. I wish they had been stuck like that for at least half the episode. Imagine the scenarios they could have used with it. But, at least got one or two funny lines with Gadget telling Dale to keep his hands off her body after he inadvertently touches it and Nimnul saying for them to not lose their heads and Dale responds it was a bit too late for that. XD

    And last, but certainly not least, the climax. The Rangers managed to free Zipper and transport back to Nimnul's lab, now all back to normal. I do wonder how there wasn't any more repercussions with that considering they all went back together scrambled, but eh, minor nitpick.

    By far, the most redeeming and funniest moment came after Nimnul uses the split second of his enemies not paying attention to him to lock them up and exterminate them. And who better to save the day than Zipper, who does by far the most clever thing in the whole episode: Use Nimnul's invention against by having it send him to a 911 operator.

    Hee hee, oh that was so funny seeing Nimnul say, "Wrong with a sheepish look on his face. And the icing is the fact Nimnul literally went mad and ended up being put in a mental institution. I suppose the fact he literally was able to talk to rodents for a short period of time and then beaten again by them was more than he could handle.

    All and all, this episode was definitely what the Rangers were all about. A brilliant plan by the villain, an interesting conflict or two that was resolved in a believable manner, and having them save the day in a most satisfying manner.

    What else can I say but this episode was fantastic. Definitely an 8.5 out of 10. I would have possibly given it a 9, but some of its issues had me scale it back a bit.
  • Nimnel finally gets to meet the Rescue Rangers face to face!

    This episode is my top most favorite. The story is very well written and cleverly plotted. And this epsiode has plently of action! Here, Nimnel is able to meet and even talk to the Rescue Rangers face to face after another one of his crazy inventions, a teleporter, backfires and switches heads between him and Zipper . After Zipper, with Nimnel's body, is captured by the Military Police, the Rescue Rangers reluctantly have to work together to save Zipper in order to change Nimnel's and Zipper back to normal. And in the process, the Rescue Rangers get their bodies switched with one another after they use Nimnel's teleprter. This provides comic relief, especially when Gadget (with Dale's body) tells Dale (who has Gadget's body) to keep his hands of her body! Another amusing part of this episode was when the scientist, who was conducting tests on Zipper, asks him if he finds a human woman or a female wasp more attractive; when Zipper answers the wasp, the scientest says he finds her attractive too! That made me chuckle, and also made me wonder how they were able to get away with these hidden adult jokes! This episode was very fun and entertaining to view, and I recommend all Rescue Ranger fans like me, to put this on their top 10 CDRR epsiodes to watch! Before, I wrap up, I would like an off topic note about some CDRR fans (most notably, fans who believe Chip and Gadget should be together) who argue that Gadget and Dale switching bodies possibly made Gadget keep some chipmunk DNA, which would then make her eligable to mate with Chipmunks!