Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 3 Episode 3

A Fly in the Ointment

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1990 on Disney Channel

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  • Nimnel finally gets to meet the Rescue Rangers face to face!

    This episode is my top most favorite. The story is very well written and cleverly plotted. And this epsiode has plently of action! Here, Nimnel is able to meet and even talk to the Rescue Rangers face to face after another one of his crazy inventions, a teleporter, backfires and switches heads between him and Zipper . After Zipper, with Nimnel's body, is captured by the Military Police, the Rescue Rangers reluctantly have to work together to save Zipper in order to change Nimnel's and Zipper back to normal. And in the process, the Rescue Rangers get their bodies switched with one another after they use Nimnel's teleprter. This provides comic relief, especially when Gadget (with Dale's body) tells Dale (who has Gadget's body) to keep his hands of her body! Another amusing part of this episode was when the scientist, who was conducting tests on Zipper, asks him if he finds a human woman or a female wasp more attractive; when Zipper answers the wasp, the scientest says he finds her attractive too! That made me chuckle, and also made me wonder how they were able to get away with these hidden adult jokes! This episode was very fun and entertaining to view, and I recommend all Rescue Ranger fans like me, to put this on their top 10 CDRR epsiodes to watch! Before, I wrap up, I would like an off topic note about some CDRR fans (most notably, fans who believe Chip and Gadget should be together) who argue that Gadget and Dale switching bodies possibly made Gadget keep some chipmunk DNA, which would then make her eligable to mate with Chipmunks!