Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 44

A Lean on the Property

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 1990 on Disney Channel

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  • Not my favorite CDRR episode.

    This epsiode is one my least favorite Rescue Ranger epsiodes, mostly because of the silly and overexaggerated plot involving Fat Cat's plan to damage the foundations and tilt all the buildings in the city, using a team of moles, to make all the humans and dogs leave the city. Silly right? Also, when the Rescue Rangers stop Fat Cat's evil plan by making the army of moles turn against him, it is never really explained how the city was able to repair all the tilted buildings and get back to normal. I wish the writers of this episode came up with a better and more plausable plot for Fat Cat getting rid of all of the city dogs, such as, finding a way to make all the humans allergic to dogs, or finding something to drive or scare away all the dogs (just like Fat Cat's French cousin did in "Le Purrfect Crime"). And I know this is only a cartoon, but fixing the damage would take years and millions (maybe even billions) of dollars to repair. So now that you know why I do not really like this episode, what keeps me from completely hating it is the other plot involving Monty's mother, Camembert Kate, coming to visit her son. I find it funny how Kate is able to reveal Monty's childish (and bratty like) side when she still treats her son like a kid. But other than that, it is just the story and plot that I have a problem with, as I mentioned before.