Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 1 Episode 13

Bearing Up Baby

Aired Unknown May 14, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The Rescue Rangers have left the city to spend a few days in the countryside. They are about to go hiking, but Dale has lagged behind and is hurrying to catch up with the others when a human toddler named Jeremy picks him up. Jeremy is fascinated by animals (which he calls "fuzzies"), but his mother doesn't share his enthusiasm.

Snatching her son up, she swats Dale with a stick, telling him to "get away". Then, she confronts her husband, Hubert, about the "dangerous wild animal" she saw "attacking" Jeremy. Dale overhears this but is unaware that he is the "dangerous animal" and hurries to warn the other Rangers. He tells them that they can go hiking if they like, but he is staying in camp.

Moments later, Jeremy (who has wandered away from his parents' campsite) turns up. Dale offers to protect him, but, moments later, the log Jeremy is sitting on goes floating down the river as Dale gives chase.

Meanwhile, a bear named Humphrey is fishing in the river (and not having much luck) when he sees Jeremy floating past on the log. Then, seeing that Jeremy is about to be swept over a waterfall, he grabs a fishing rod from a man and uses it to save the child. Humphrey and Jeremy soon become friends, but Dale (who has been following Humphrey's tracks) arrives to see the bear licking Jeremy and assumes the child is about to be eaten.

Using a sapling as a catapult, Dale quickly catches up with the other Rangers (who are at the top of a nearby hill) and tells them what he has seen. They head to the spot, arriving to find Humphrey playing hide and seek with Jeremy. Grabbing Dale, Monty charges at Humphrey and knocks him off his paws as Jeremy runs out from behind a tree and picks Monty up. Moments later, a puma appears and, while Humphrey carries Jeremy up a tree, the Rangers lure the puma into a skunk's den.

Dale soon realises he has misjudged Humphrey. But, when Chip tells Humphrey the Rangers will be taking Jeremy home, the bear refuses to let him go. Monty suggests ambushing Humphrey, but Gadget says it would be better to solve this with words. She walks up to Humphrey and tells him that his mother would be worried if she couldn't find him, so Jeremy's mother probably feels the same way. Moved to tears, Humphrey agrees to return Jeremy to his parents.

At the human campsite, Humphrey (ignoring the Rangers when they warn him not to) carries Jeremy into the midst of the humans and hands him to his parents. But Hubert thinks Humphrey was hurting his son and orders the other men in the campsite to shoot the bear. Humphrey flees with Dale clinging to his back, as Chip and Gadget chase after the humans on a motorbike, which they are steering by pulling a length of string looped over the handlebars.

When the motorbike crashes into a tent, the Rangers fall off it and are next seen fleeing the tent on Humphrey's back. Hubert continues shooting at Humphrey, refusing to give up even after he runs out of ammunition. Later, Jeremy is playing in the cab of his parents' RV when he accidentally knocks the handbrake and the vehicle rolls away. Hubert and the other men are returning from following what proved to be a false trail (laid by Monty) when they see the runaway RV.

Humphrey and the Rangers also see the RV and, while Humphrey grabs it in a bid to slow it down, the Rangers climb inside via the vents and try to stop it from inside. Monty jumps onto the foot pedals but only succeeds in sending himself flying into the RV's bathroom; this gives Gadget an idea for how to stop the vehicle. Moments later, Dale realises that the RV is perilously close to the edge of a cliff.

Just as Humphrey is trying to save Jeremy, the child's parents appear on the scene. Thinking Humphrey is about to attack Jeremy, Hubert fires his gun (which he has reloaded). Humphrey ducks and the bullet hits the RV, sending it plunging over the edge as Jeremy's parents look on in horror. Fortunately, Gadget's "plumbing job" prevents it from falling too far.

Humphrey uproots a tree and uses it to help Jeremy and the Rangers climb to safety. Seeing this, the humans finally realise Humphrey is harmless and he is next seen playing with some children. The Rangers, meanwhile, continue their hiking expedition.